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Birthday cake!

Hello everybody! Here I am, doing good, just super busy though… I had to bake cookies and cake for my birthday girl! I can’t believe she turned 5! How did that happen? I was just holding her for the first time not long ago and … she is 5??? How dare she? πŸ™‚ Here is the birthday girl and what I made for her:



She wanted a cat (but not kitty) on her cakes… so, there’s the cat! πŸ˜€


When I was making them I thought the petals resembled “bunny ears” so these would be good for Easter too πŸ˜›

We were very blessed with lots of friends who came over and celebrated with us yesterday… and I didn’t even have a slice of cake… trust me… I really wanted to… and I had perfect excuses in my head “it’s your daughter’s birthday! How come are you not eating cake” but my daughter was having so much fun with her friends she could’ve cared less if I ate cake or not… so I was not “offending anybody” by not eating… and I stayed strong!

Today I weigh: 173.5 pounds… which is a whole other pound I’ve lost! It’s not a lot… and it’s not fast… but it’s consistent! And I am just thrilled to not be stuck between 178-182 anymore! I hope I’ll continue going this way! It hasn’t been easy… it sure hasn’t! I have been so hungry these few days… but I am staying strong!

πŸ™‚ Just wanted to make sure I stopped by and shared with all of you

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Birthday cake!

  1. Beautiful cookies and cakes! When my kids were little I loved decorating fun cakes for them – race tracks, Pokemon balls, Mickey Mouse, a doll cake, etc. I also enjoyed decorating cookies for teachers’ gifts. Now I’m more into the baking part of it and trying new recipes. Very fun, but they take SO much time!
    Congrats on another pound lost! So nice to see your scale moving in the right direction, even if it IS a little slow. Be patient! It’s working!
    Wish your daughter a happy birthday from me! My daughter will be 15 in 7 days. :/

    • Well… you’re definitely having a hard year! Kids moving out/turning 15 are quite big shockers I am sure! -sigh- … I so hope my time doesn’t fly… too fast…

      Thanks for the compliments! I enjoyed making the cookies, those cats not so much… at some point I just wanted to grab our real cat and smash his face against the cake to “imprint” it there and say to my girl “there’s your cat cake” LOL! but then I “got it” and I think it will be easier from now on to make that kind of decoration! πŸ™‚

      Happy birthday to your “little” girl πŸ™‚

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