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No zumba!

Hello everybody… Just a quick update… I promise I’ll reply to the comments on my previous post as soon as I have a chance… I am just stopping by to say that my day yesterday ended great and that today I didn’t go to “zumba” after all… I was very unsettled the whole day about thinking of leaving my girls in a gym’s daycare… especially because I’ve never been to that gym! And when I heard the area where the gym is I just knew I didn’t even know the area… but when I told hubby about it he told me that it’s a very, VERY dangerous rough place and that I can definitely not go there, especially leaving the girls there… so I called my friend to tell her we can have lunch together instead after her gym… She’s about to get here and I have prepared a healthy lunch… bread, thinly sliced turkey, very thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, baby carrots, strawberries, grapes and pickles… I also have some potato chips and juice for the little ones…

Part of what's for lunch

Part of what’s for lunch

I am very happy to feel like I can still be a good hostess and have healthy options for my guests, I can still put together a good spread, enjoy with them and not feel guilty afterwards!

Ok… gotta go now! Peace out!

The Thin Lady Inside


8 thoughts on “No zumba!

    • Thanks! It is fun to get excited about food and start dealing with it as a friend not as something that hates and hurts me…. I am re-learning it all… and starting to see it as something GOOD instead of something “sinful” πŸ˜› … it all depends on what I choose! πŸ˜€

  1. Part of the reason I gave up teaching to stay at home with the kids was because I couldn’t find anyone I felt comfortable leaving my kids with, so I can totally understand why you would feel uncomfortable having never been there before. Sounds like you made the right choice.
    I’m happy you have a friend who will be appreciative of the healthy lunch you’ve put together. It makes it so much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Congrats on another great day!

    • I know! I tend to be overprotective… so I thought of this “outing” as an opportunity to let go a little bit and thought I was doing the right thing… turns out I wasn’t … LOL! Everybody told me I was crazy to even think about going “there” and leaving my kids in the daycare in that area… I had no idea what area it was… -sigh- …

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