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Still hesitant

Hello everybody… Here I am … Just to say things keep going good… Again, not only I stayed within my calorie range but those calories were more “nutritionally meaningful” … I was hesitant this morning about stepping on the scale… I am always a little eerie about it… so I took a deep breath, looked at my enemy the scale and said: “I am not afraid of you! I am not afraid of you” as my legs shook LOL! …

And … I weighed 175 pounds… (That means 79.3 KILOS which is awesome! in Mexico I used to weigh myself in Kilos all the time -we use metric there- so for me this is quite a milestone! I left the 80s behind!). I think that’s the lowest I’ve ever been since I first started this journey! I couldn’t believe it but it was true… I decided to still be cautious about my reaction and I grabbed the measuring tape… yes… it’s giving me 1 inch less than 2 weeks ago… Hopefully these changes are doing the “trick”  … I still want to somehow find the way to remain focused and realistic about the fact that this might just be temporary… But I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Tomorrow will be a great day, I will go walk early in the morning and then a friend will pick me up to go to a Zumba class… just for tomorrow… I am a little scared and intimidated… I don’t do well in gyms and exercising in front of other people… I actually hate it and I am starting to wonder why I said “yes” to begin with! But… I do want to get out of my comfort zone… If I could eat like a pig in front of others why not do something healthy for myself the same way??? right???

That’s it for now! Have a good day everyone!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Still hesitant

  1. Sooo….. your scale has decided to play nice. Obviously it didn’t like being in time out! 🙂
    I think you may be on to something with the change in the type of foods you eat. I certainly hope it continues to work for you.
    If I had a friend to go to the gym with, I could probably do it, but to go on my own would scare the dickens outa me. I bet you’ll have fun.
    And I’ve been meaning to ask – do you use weights or do toning exercises? Strengthening muscles is another way to boost metabolism. My favorites are modified push-ups and planks. Just a thought! 🙂

    • Yes, the scale is not being as bad to me lately! 🙂 I still don’t trust “her” LOL! 🙂

      I was doing more toning exercises before… not so much lately… I should definitely go back to that… 😀 you’re right! That will probably help me as well! Thanks shadow! 😀

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