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Could this be working?

Hello everybody… Well… after accepting that I just “can’t lose weight”, after receiving the news that after all I am pretty healthy (except for the thyroid which still has some issues) and after going through a couple of days of total binging I went back to eating healthy and exercising, right? But then I thought… could I be making better choices? Absolutely… So I decided to eliminate my nightly treat of ice cream… I realized that I was saving more and more calories for that treat and my ice cream consumption (even when not too high in calories) was increasing… Was that the best I could do? Was that the best choice for *ME* with a slow metabolism? I realized I had to be honest with myself and admit that I could still do better… so… what if I changed my nightly treat for fruit… and not at night but during the day? After all that slow churned, low fat, 100 calorie per 1/2 cup ice cream still has SUGAR in it… could I be doing better than that? Absolutely! Especially because I’d have the ice cream after 9 p.m. … So… I eliminated it… My nightly treat is something that I’ve been trying to “hold on to” as much as I can… just refusing to give it up… if the “thought” ever came up I would discard it immediately… I would almost shiver at the idea of “losing it” but I felt it needed to be done… Fruit is something I really have to “make myself” eat! and I knew I was missing that… I was also probably eating more eggs than I should’ve during the week… yes, always within my calorie range but… after all our body doesn’t just “act upon” the calories that we eat… but it acts based on what those calories represent… are some calories easier to burn than others? Absolutely! Some give you energy… some could be in the form of doritos nachos and actually put you to sleep… LOL! So … I thought I’d be strong and give “this” a try… so.. my “sugars” for the day are in the form of plums, strawberries, cherries, apples, bananas instead of ice cream… and I distribute those in the form of snacks between meals… and … I am right now 176.4 pounds… I started seeing the scale go down immediately when I started this on Thursday last week… I realize it could also just be that the “weight gain” wasn’t even real and it was mostly water retention and just the temporary results after a couple of days of overeating that i had in the beginning of last week… but I do feel different… it’s been the lowest number the scale has shown for a while… I am not announcing this crazy excited because I have seen those numbers in the past already… But… I do want to share what’s going on… for the record, for future personal reference and just to document how my body acts to the things I am doing differently. We’ll see what happens from here… after seeing good results I think it’s not that hard to give up ice cream (FOR NOW)


Update on my sister: She’s lost a total of 10 pounds in a little less than 3 weeks! she’s wearing some pants that were too tight to wear before… I am super proud of her!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Could this be working?

  1. Way to go! I think eliminating processed foods like ice cream and instead eating whole foods is a good approach. Our bodies don’t recognize some of the things in these processed foods as food which always makes me suspicious of them!

  2. It’s very easy to stay within your calorie range without eating healthy. I know. And I also know how hard it is to give up what you’ve considered a treat. (So kudos for that!) For me, I used to eat crappy food, but since I have a pretty high metabolism and I’d run often, I wouldn’t gain weight. But then my muscles started retaliating and it got to the point where I could hardly run without pain, so I looked more closely at what I was eating. I cut out all sugar (except for what’s in my ice cream) and replaced it with protein and healthy carbs and …. voila! Suddenly my muscles had the nutrition they needed to heal after a run. WHAT you eat is just as important as how much you eat, so I believe you are headed down the right track with this theory. And if it works, you’ll realize it was worth giving up your treat.
    And congratulations to your sister! (And to you for giving her a jump start!) 🙂

    • Thanks! It is not easy to give up something I enjoy so much… but seeing “any good result” makes up for the “sacrifice”. I remembered you mentioning about the difference “eating healthy” made for your muscles/running… it was part of my motivation.

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