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Walk again!

Hello people, yesterday my day went really good, we finally got another car! YAY! After working out all the issues God blessed us with a minivan that we were needing so much (Interesting how it keeps getting easier and easier to use the word “need” so loosely since I moved to the USA, huh!) Anyway… It might not be a life or death need but it’s something we do enjoy having since I couldn’t do much without a car here and it’s great to know that “there’s a car there if needed”

Hubby, the girls and I went to feed the dogs together (last time doing it) and my friend arrived to her house last night… So, morning with dogs, then lunch, then the car and then got some good steps in, walking and at the end we just watched “Oblivion” (hubby and I, the girls were already in bed) and it was entertaining.

I ended my day with a calorie intake of 1342 for a total calorie deficit of almost 1000 calories.

Even when my friend got home pretty late last night we still went together for a walk this morning, it was nice to feel the normalcy back… I missed talking and walking with her.

That’s it… not much going on… Just peace… Lots of peace, thank God!


The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Walk again!

  1. I’m almost embarrassed sometimes at the things we feel we NEED, but I’d say a car ranks right up there.
    Hooray for having some normalcy back! I’m wishing a great week for you!

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