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Ah! The struggle!

Today I struggled all morning long! It might even be funny to look at me… grabbing a cupcake and putting it down, grabbing something from the fridge and putting it back… opening my mouth to have something else to eat just to close it again while throwing the “thing” away from me while shaking my head repeatedly like if I had seen there was a worm or something horribly disgusting in it! And it’s just that I feel this crazy impulse to eat ‘WHATEVER’ and then my brain knows it’s wrong, my body knows it’s wrong and I end up acting just in time to reconsider and be a good girl no matter how strong the feeling  to eat might be!

I have noticed (or at least I think so) that not exercising like I was is part of what makes me more anxious… as you know I’ve been taking care of my friend’s dogs so instead of running I just hurry to feed them in the morning and then hubby hurries to feed them at night… which means, no time on my own without my little ones to go to the gym or go out and run…. So after a very hard morning I decided to do “something”, “anything” so I started to “walk in place” moving my arms like I am directing traffic or helping an airplane while landing… LOL! I did that for 45 minutes and I felt better right away… It must be something psychological, I don’t know… but I felt energized and more motivated to keep on going strong with my healthy eating… I can already feel this day will end great!

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Ah! The struggle!

  1. Maybe it is psychological, but I often read how exercising in the morning causes you to make better eating choices during the day because you don’t want to undo what you just did. I always feel sluggish and “not right” if I skip a morning of exercise of any kind, so anytime I don’t have to be at work by 6AM, I get up and go – and if something other than work keeps me from exercise, I get upset – like you with the dogs, or me with an early morning hair appointment yesterday. :/ Anyway, glad you could fit some time in for some kind of movement! It really is a mood booster! Only one more day of dogs to go, right?

    • I just came back from “the dogs’ house” LOL … It was ok… I am just happy THAT was the last time *I* do it… Hubby will still have to go tonight and then he will not go to work tomorrow (he has some Saturdays off) so he told me he’ll take care of it in the morning as well! He rocks! I am the one who “accepted” this whole thing of taking care of the dogs and he’s been doing it every night and will even do it tomorrow morning for me… 😀 He rocks!

  2. It’s not in your head. Exercise helps reduce stress hormones in your body. These are the same hormones that can trigger emotional eating. Eating releases feel-good hormones, similar to a drug, but doesn’t deplete the stress hormones. That’s why in a little while, we want to eat again — it is the “drug” wearing off. So in a way, they’re both a means to an end which is having a higher amount of feel-good hormones out and about in our bodies than stress hormones. It does all kinds of awesome stuff. Here’s more info… http://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/treatment/exercising

    • That’s a very interesting article… Thank you! I’ve read about that before but… often forget (or choose to not remember) how good exercise can make you feel… and how it’s so directly related to feeling happier! 🙂 Thank you!

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