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Enough is enough

Ok… I cried and I ate…. At some point I stopped crying but I kept eating… yesterday I ate non-stop… and when I say non-stop I mean it… all day long… non-stop… just kept something in my mouth all day long… but that’s it… it’s incredible how some of the “issues” I used to have came back just from two days of eating like this… Today… I ate again a lot… not like yesterday but still…. and that’s it… I am done… I cried what I had to cry and that’s enough… I ate and didn’t help… so…. that’s enough as well… Moving on! I have so many things to be thankful for that is just too ungrateful to be angry about being healthy… come on! Really? So… Praising God for my good test results… trying to see things differently and going to start making some new more doable plans… 🙂

Thank you all for being there… every single word of encouragement, every single word of advice has been read and has been like ointment to my pain… for real! Thank you!

Love ya!

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. You know what’s awesome about this? You stopped. You moved forward. I read your blog all the time but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. Thank you for being so inspiring. You helped at least one other person today.

  2. I know I’ve told you before how inspiring you are – to me and obviously to many others. You deserved your two days of ‘mourning’ and comforting yourself, but I knew you wouldn’t continue that way for long. You’ve been so strong for so long that I didn’t think you’d let a little punch slow you down too much. (Alright… a BIG punch.)
    And you’ve always been so good at looking at the positive side of things. And really, there are a lot of positives. Your blood work is good. You can RUN an HOUR on the treadmill! You’re inspiring others to continue on their own difficult journey. So many good things.
    Keep up the fight TLI. There’s an answer out there somewhere. I’ll be praying that it makes itself known soon!

    • wow! Thank you! I feel anything but inspiring! LOL! 🙂 Yes, there are a lot of positives! I don’t have any autoimmune disease that will keep me from doing the things I love… I don’t have a disease that will be deteriorating my joints…. Eating healthy and exercise will just continue to make me stronger and I don’t have to be concerned about being able to do it all or not due to health issues… I am healthy! 😀 Thank you Shadow!

  3. We all need a “why me” day every now and then. I can really relate to knowing something is wrong in your body, and having symptoms to prove it (in your case lack of weight loss), and doctors not being able to figure it out. Don’t give up. Search the web for people with stories similar to yours and maybe you’ll find something. Also, I just wanted to share in my case, I am less bloated and feel better over all when I eat whole foods. I reserve any sort of refined foods as a treat. If I want sweets, I will use some calories on real sugar rather than sweetener my body can’t even detect as food. That’s just me though. 🙂

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