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Not quite Day 5 yet…

Ok… this morning I wrote about my Day 4 of these new 90 day goal that I’ve set for myself… anyway… Day 5 is not over yet… and as usual I will write about it tomorrow morning… but to make it be a successful day I had to come and pretty much vent here… I am having a very hard time right now… I am anxiously hungry right now… I want to eat, eat, EAT! I’ve managed to dodge all the things the day has thrown at me and as I type hubby took the girls to Culver’s for ice cream… so, I am on my own … and you can say I REALLY DODGED that one too… Hubby, joking around, came by me and said “come on, come with us, think about a double butter burger!” (which I love) and even when I knew he was just playing with me and didn’t mean to “hurt me” in my process I guess I wasn’t up for jokes and I actually got tears in my eyes… It’s just a hard day… a very hard day… One of those days when I just would’ve wanted to say “yes, take me there! I’ll have that burger with extra cheese, fries and soda” but I didn’t do it… I stayed home and I am here… making dinner for when they come back… I actually ate my dinner already and I am just hoping all these “evil thoughts” will soon go away… wow… it’s hard! So… when hubby comes back with the girls I’ll just leave them eating and I’ll hit the gym… at least that’s my plan… but I just wanted to come and write about it… to “expose all my thoughts” , put it all out there… because hiding… hiding is another bad habit that never ends good! So… sorry for doubling posting on a day…

The Thin Lady Inside.


6 thoughts on “Not quite Day 5 yet…

  1. Don’t ever be sorry for posting more than once. It’s your blog and you can post 10 times a day if you want — there’s no gun to my head making me read it. 🙂 I think you’re really brave for being honest about your feelings and how they make you want to engage in unhealthy habits. You’re amazing and you can do this! Even if you slip up a little, we are all here, cheering you on!

  2. This is the hardest part of trying to lose weight – making it through the times when all you want to do is eat! You made a great choice by coming here to vent!
    Of course I had a few times like this myself where I totally made the wrong choice and scarfed down a whole box of cookies, but other times I was able to “stall” my hunger by drinking a diet soda or some coffee, or by brushing my teeth, or by chewing some gum. Another thing to do is give yourself permission to have 100 calorie snack (choose something filling or that takes a long time to eat) and savor every bite of it.
    And like Jackie said – don’t be sorry for posting twice! Especially if it keeps you from giving into your cravings! You’re doing great! Keep it up!

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