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Day 4 – 86 Days to Go

Hello! Day 4 of my “90 days without a scale, eating healthy ALL THE TIME and exercising at least twice a day instead of once” went great…

I walked in the morning, 3.5 miles, then came back home and had a “Muller” for breakfast (and coffee)… have you tried that Greek Yoghurt by Quaker? Muller? it’s good! I love Greek Yoghurt and the fruit in this one is really good!  it’s almost as good as if you had bought fresh fruit and just pureed it yourself! I am lovin’ it!


 I then took a nap (have I mentioned I am still very tired? We’ll see what the tests say about that) later the day went as usual, cleaning, feeding the girls, singing with them, homeschooling my 4 yr. old, etc… Normal stuff. Later I even did my rowing machine again (it’s been a while) and I was disappointed to see I could only do 10 mins. on it (man! THAT’s HARD!!) I can’t believe I was already doing 40 min. in a row! (no pun intended).

Later in the evening, as soon as hubby got home from work I walked out the door to go to the gym… I try not to stay around too long when he gets home because I enjoy being with him so much that I will not want to leave if we start talking! So, I had his dinner ready and I myself was with the keys in my hand ready to just “run away” from him and the temptation of just sitting on the couch to watch TV with him… “let’s get this over with” was my kind of attitude! … I went to the gym and ran 35 mins. on the treadmill (yes, it gets boring there, but 7 p.m. in Texas is still pretty sunny and hot, I am not running outside at 97 degrees and with 85% humidity! I know my limitations) I burned about 550 calories for a total of a little over 1000 calories burned from exercise (morning walk/rowing machine/evening run)… NOT BAD!

I had a calorie deficit of about 1500! for the day! My calorie intake was 1238… I am very proud of myself!

Yesterday I did have some more of my traditional temptations come my way… I also struggled with some “ol’ way of thinking” and “horrible bad habits” but I am happy I identified them all and defeated them! My two biggest temptations yesterday were:

1. My little one didn’t eat all of her food… I could’ve just finished it, yes, I am embarrassed to admit it but I used to do that all the time.

2. There was a pot of leftover delicious rice (rice, pasta and potatoes are big weaknesses for me) on the stove top… I felt like eating it all with a spoon, I actually GRABBED THE SPOON!!! but instead of putting it in my mouth (like I wanted to) I was strong enough to clear the area quickly, put the rice in a container and in the fridge, once I wiped it all with spray cleaner I felt much better and at ease. (it’s weird how these “attacks” come! it’s almost like something stronger than you! I could swear I am going to start shaking from wanting to eat something SOOO BAD!)

So… I had a very successful day! I must say I KNOW not weighing myself is a big part of it! Because I know if I had seen “the numbers” in the morning and I hadn’t lost any weight I would’ve found it harder to have any strength to resist the temptations.

Yes… I am The Thin Lady Inside and I am a food addict… I’ve been sober for 4 days… And today… just for today… I’ll make all the right choices…. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

The Thin Lady Inside


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