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Day 2 – For 90 days

My second day of my 90 days of eating good/exercising and NO SCALE went better than great when it comes to calorie burning/intake… I ran in the morning and then I came home for my normal day… I made all the right choices with food… but… the reason why the day went better than usual is because hubby came home early, he got here around 3:00, I was in the middle of baking a cake for our Worship Pastor (for his birthday) and I was going to have to be in church at around 6:30, I realized I needed more vanilla for  the frosting, the cake wasn’t out of the oven yet, I needed to get the box to carry it and I got it in my head that I wanted to run a second time… (of course I would also have to get dinner ready)… so… even with how tight my time was as soon as the cake was out of the oven and cooling off I went to the gym and ran for half an hour there then I ran to the store to get the vanilla and they didn’t have any boxes for my cake, so I came back home, around 4:30 got the meatloaf and brown rice started for dinner, asked hubby to get the box from Wal-Mart and while he did that I got to making the frosting and decorating the cake… oh wait… I also took a shower, I was so busy! But finished right on time… Went to church while hubby fed the girls and then on my way there I realized I hadn’t eaten any dinner and with the rush I hadn’t even had any snack or anything… I started to feel dizzy and too hungry! Someone in church offered a bag of M&M’s but I wasn’t going to “throw it all out the window” for a bag of M&M’s so I waited until I came back home and had some of the meatloaf (thankfully I made a much lighter/healthier version without the ketchup/mustard/brown sugar glaze on top and without the bacon in it) had a 1/4 of a cup of brown rice, lots of water and then my coffee and ice cream plus 2 ibuprofen for the pounding headache I gave myself! LOL! So… I know it wasn’t right to spend so many hours without any food (lunch was a t 12:20 p.m. and dinner at 8:30 p.m.) I will make sure that doesn’t happen again but I am just thrilled for how good it felt to not have the pressure of the scale and to be able to exercise again in the afternoon… I burned a total of 1200 calories from exercise my calorie deficit for the day was about 1800…  Mostly for all the exercise I got in! Don’t think I don’t eat… Just to give you an idea of how my day looked yesterday (in regards to food) I will describe it here:


2 eggs          150 cal.

1 English muffin     100 cal.

1 tbsp. Reduced Sugar Grape Jelly    25 cals.


1.5 tbsp. almonds   60 cals.


1/2 Medium sweet potato – Baked    51 cal.

.5 tbsp. butter   18 cal.

Turkey Sandwich (sandwich thins,1/4 med. avocado, tomato, oven roasted turkey, dill pickles, onion, mustard)    277 cal.

1/4 cup Prepared Kraft Mac and Cheese (thankfully I stopped myself before eating more of this!) 100 cal.


“light meatloaf” slice – 209 cal.

1/4 cup cooked Brown rice Mahatma  50 cal.

Snack (nightly treat)

Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Creamer – 37 cal.

1 cup of 1/2 fat churned vanilla Ice Cream – 200 cal.

Total = 1277 calories for the day.

That was my second day in my 90 day short term goal… Yes… I am The Thin Lady Inside and I am a food (and scale) addict… I’ve been sober for 2 days… And today… just for today… I’ll make all the right choices…. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – For 90 days

  1. Congrats on making it through 2 whole days without the scale! Staying away from its “criticism” has allowed you to be proud of your accomplishments. And boy, did you have a ton of them today! Keep it up!
    Tell me about the cake boxes that you get. Are they throw-away? Do they keep the cake fresh? I have to make some for a co-worker, and I’ve been wondering how to transfer them…

    • Thank you! It’s actually been good and easy! I guess I am not that addicted to it… I don’t need to weigh everyday like I used to… but I did care too much for what it said to me… and that’s why I am staying away from it… because I know it will affect me… and I don’t need that right now! 🙂 The cake boxes? I am talking about those regular cardboard boxes that you can get at walmart… nothing fancy… just like any regular cake box with like a cello square in the center on top so you can see the cake…

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