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More than one reason…

Hi! Well… Yesterday I knew it would be a day full of thankfulness… from the beginning I was thankful for more than one reason but had no clue what would happen later that would give me more reasons to have a grateful attitude!

Yesterday morning my girls and I went to church to help do something there (organize some songs in folders for the choir) and I had already promised we’d eat at Chick-Fil-A in the mall afterwards… When we got out of church I started feeling the shifting of gears in our minivan very “clearly”, but I didn’t pay much attention to it… it was a little weird but still “normal”, we went to the mall, enjoyed our meal (I did good, don’t worry, made good choices) and then when we got out, again, the car was acting up… but I thought it was because I was changing between the brake and gas pedal so much from being in a crowded parking lot… I just felt like the car was kind of “pulling” once in a while… Afterwards we went to wal-mart and when we got out of there I took a more of a “high-speed/less traffic” road hoping once I was “consistently driving at a good speed” the car wouldn’t feel so weird… well… oh my gosh! I was driving over 50 and then all of a sudden the minivan started acting up again but way stronger, there were these pulls out of the blue and then it was almost as if I was hitting the brakes, when of course I wasn’t… I should’ve thought things through, I guess I didn’t really think there was anything wrong with the car… and this road is not only faster but less traffic (usually) and shorter… I had cars right behind me… it’s only a two way road but no more lanes… I couldn’t pull over, there was forest on my right side and coming traffic on my left side… cars at fast speed driving behind me and me with my girls in the back over this “wild horse” that was pulling and pushing… I called my husband and told him “I am scared, the car is acting up” I explained to him and told him I thought I could get to church again and wait for him there but then all of a sudden I had a scare… it’s like if I had hit the brake hard and the car just slowed down tremendously … I could almost feel someone was going to hit me from behind… kept driving (thankfully re-gained speed) and then thank God we approached a Target store and again… the car came to almost a full stop and I just managed to quickly turn the steering wheel and get inside the parking lot… it was so scary! but THANKFULLY we were ok! Hubby arrived and our car got towed and will be getting fixed. I was so relieved we were safe, my 4 yr. old said: “it was scary and kind of fun” (yeah! RIGHT! LOL) The rest of my day stayed busy and I ended up walking a total of over 16000 steps for the day… I had over a deficit of over 1000 calories! GREAT!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “More than one reason…

  1. Oh my! That must have been VERY scary, especially having your girls in the car with you. Hope it’s nothing too serious, and you’ll have it back quickly.
    Congrats on having a healthy day otherwise! Enjoy the weekend!

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