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A whole new page

Thank God for nights… Thank God for sleep… which marks the “end of something” to open your eyes to a whole new day… yesterday … yes… yesterday was hard… But it’s not yesterday anymore… that day has been lived already… and it’s gone… Yesterday died already, giving life to today… Today I am here… Today matters! Today I have a whole new opportunity to write a better page in my book, yesterday can’t be edited, deleted, re-written or anything… it’s gone… And even when I made bad choices… and even when I might still suffer consequences from yesterday … Today I can decide how “much more” I let yesterday hurt me! Yes… I ate too much… but today I am in control… not on my own but with God, and with the wonderful friends who support and trust me! If I continue living in “yesterday” and dwelling in it my “today” will become a bad “yesterday” tomorrow… IYKWIM.

Today I ran already and felt good… I burned 630 calories… I have to have breakfast now! I am all motivated and thankful for a brand new day!

The Thin Lady Inside


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