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My new Goal

So… Hello everybody… Here I am … still with a lingering congestion that will not give up! I can’t even hear well! LOL! I had a bad head cold and fever for a couple of days… I couldn’t go exercise for a whole week… But I’ve been doing good with my eating and today regardless of the sniffling and coughing I decided to at least get up early for a walk even if the “run” wasn’t going to happen… It felt good to be back outside and moving!

So… As you know I set monthly goals on my Wii Balance Board… and It’s been over a year since I have reached any kind of goal… Yes I’ve lost weight and then I’ve gained more… Now, I don’t want to keep repeating it, but yes… now we know my thyroid issues play an important role in my lack of success with my weight loss… So… When I started taking levothyroxine (synthetic thyroid hormones -generic brand-) I thought I would start losing weight so I set a new goal to lose 3 pounds in a month, it sounds like “it’s nothing” but I thought it was a realistic number given my “condition”… I hoped I would soon see some decrease in my numbers but, on the contrary, I put on about 5 to 6 pounds… in a week or two!!! it was crazy and very discouraging! Then about 2 weeks ago I found out that the doctor didn’t mention I could take the “brand name” medication… called synthroid and that some people report it’s done a better job for them than the generic brand, we did the switch and it must be somewhat working because today… today… I reached my 3 pounds weight loss in the month… which MEANS that I’ve lost all the weight I had put on during the generic brand medication (5 pounds) and then the 3 pounds that I had originally determined I’d lose! I must say I don’t look that different… I don’t know what the levothyroxine was doing… I don’t know if it was liquid retention, I do feel less bloated, particularly my face… but I am happy that I am not in the 180’s anymore… I am at 177 and I have a new goal… My goal will be the same realistic one for this new month… another 3 pounds to lose in 4 weeks and let’s see how it goes! Hopefully good! I was telling my husband that I’d love it if my “thyroid medicine” would not only help me lose weight from now on but it would be great if it was “retroactive” … LOL! Wouldn’t it be great if all of a sudden when my hormone levels get balanced I would just lose all the weight I was supposed to lose during this year of exercise and healthy eating? LOL! … But oh well! that would probably be too much to ask! I’ll be just happy to not see the numbers go up anymore on my scale!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “My new Goal

  1. So good to hear from you! Sorry that you’ve been sick, but seeing the scale go down must make you feel incredibly good!
    Your medicine may not be retroactive, but once it takes effect, I bet you see results way better than what you’re expecting. I’m sending positive vibes your way!
    Hope you’re up and running real soon! Keep us posted!

  2. hi Thin Lady

    You know, you really struck a chord when I read this.

    I can still remember that damn scale not wanting to go down. Or just go up and up ;-( It is so discouraging.

    I am however very happy for you that you are not in the 180s anymore! As glad and happy I am for you, it’s ironic that I wish with all of me that I could be in the 180s. How funny life can be, hey?

    anyway, glad I found your blog 😉

    Kind regards from South Africa

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