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Playing games and eating pizza….

Well… Playing games… that’s what my doctor seems to be doing… the pizza…. well… I did that! LOL!

Allow me to explain… Yesterday I went to the doctor again, to see if all of my rashes could be some sort of side effect from the medication I am taking.. the Levothyroxine… because it doesn’t look anymore like the allergic reaction I got from the pool, and it’s only around my elbows… and ankles… so.. anyway… I also went to the doctor because of my weight gain… Instead of losing weight I seem to be gaining more! I am now at almost 185 POUNDS!!! What in the world? I’ve gained about 8 pounds … in a few days! So… anyway… I went to the doctor and she looked at me, for a second, but not really at me, never really eye contact, she just looked at my arms to see the rash, kind of quick… like a glance, sat in front of her computer and didn’t look at me again, I kept talking to the back of her head for the next 3 minutes, she told me it must be the same pool rash, I explained to her that the allergic reaction I get from the pool it’s usually on my face, neck and shoulders, my lips swell, etc… this is different, this is on my elbows and it’s not going away or getting better even when I haven’t been to the pool for about 3 weeks. This is how the conversation went

Me: “I was just wondering if this rash could be a side effect from the medicine I am taking, the levothyroxine”

Doctor: “No, that’s not it”

Me: “oh! And I am gaining more weight” 

Doctor: “Well, then eat less and exercise more”

Hubby interrupting in frustration: “She can’t do that! She is already exercising a lot and eating only 1200 calories!”

Doctor: “Well, then stop taking the medicine if that’s what you think it is”

Hubby: -his jaw just dropped, I think he managed to only articulate “BUT”-

Me: “Don’t I need the medicine?”

Doctor: “Well, not really, your levels are not that off, I just thought it would help, your thyroid is not too bad”-

Me: -feeling like I am going to cry- “So… “

Hubby: -manages to say something- “But why do you think this all is? why would she be gaining weight? Is there anything else we can do?”

Doctor: “Well, I am not a weight loss specialist, maybe she should try a Diet Clinic, also the medicine I prescribed is generic, it’s not the pure hormone, it has dyes and other stuff”

Hubby: -dumbfounded- “why didn’t you prescribed the real stuff”?

Doctor: She is now looking at hubby, angry to be questioned “I don’t know if your insurance will cover that, you might have to pay part of it”

Hubby: “but at least you could give us the option”

Doctor: “Well if you still want to take it I can prescribe that, here you go” – she turns to her computer again, places the prescription and says “ok, let me know what you find” and left…

I was shocked… I was now wondering if I even have hypothyroidism at all, I was left with more questions than answers, I was shocked at the poor service and horrible attitude, I left and called my mom, I told her I wanted to see her doctor in Mexico (he’s always been great) or at least talk to him to know what he thinks, I e-mailed him, even pics of my rash, sent him all my test results and he says I definitely have hypothyroidism and that I can NOT stop taking that medicine, he told me to go ahead and get the real stuff (which by the way only costs 26 dollars) and he wants to do a whole gynecologic hormonal profile (or something like that)… I will be following up with him from now on…

Hubby went online and on the FDA information about the generic medicine I was taking it mentions the side effects of the medicine… and it says that people with a history of RA have presented dermatitis like mine… I do have a history of RA!!! and the doctor knows that!!! Also, hubby found out that some people have reported to have gained weight with the generic stuff and have lost it once they took the name brand stuff… UNBELIEVABLE!

It was quite a frustrating day and when it was time for dinner hubby said: “Ok… I am going to buy pizza and YOU are going to eat too” I didn’t refuse… I sat at the table with my family and my 4 yr. old, when blessing the food, said: “Thank you God that mommy is going to eat pizza with us” 🙂 … She was so excited! LOL! I ate pizza, drank soda and just enjoyed… if just for a night! I felt much better afterwards! I still counted calories and I had eaten so little for the day that I ended at 2000 calories regardless of the 3 slices of pizza and soda! I burned 2500 calories total for the day so I still had a deficit of 500! Not the best food to eat but even in my indulging I still managed to not do too bad!

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4 thoughts on “Playing games and eating pizza….

  1. Why do people like that become doctors? Aargh. I would have been like you, and start crying out of frustration. And then I would have been ticked! In fact, I’m ticked now and taking it out on my keyboard! 🙂
    How nice that your doctor in Mexico is willing to work with you through email! I’m sending good vibes your way! This has GOT to work!

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