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Singing the same song

I should write a country song or some sad, heart-felt blues….

“I’ve been trying to lose it… I’ve been working really hard

I’ve done everything I can … and I am still in the same place

I don’t know when it will go away… I am hungry and in pain

and this weight resists to leave me alone… I can’t take it anymore…” oooh! Ooooh!

(I hope it sounds the same in your head as it sounds in mine) It sounds pretty cool… lol! But it’s a sad, sad song… I am still struggling with my weight… As you know I started the thyroid hormone treatment about 3 weeks ago (right?) well… I saw some weight loss after a few days… and then … wham! I gained it all back and more… I had reached 177 pounds and I am back at 183… within TWO days I gained over 5 pounds… it was just PAINFUL to watch! And I can’t even say “my scale is lying” because even my husband came home from work one night and this is how our conversation went right when he saw me:

Hubby: “whoa! Are you ok???”

Me: “what? Why??!”

Hubby (now afraid to say something): “ummm… you ummm, I don’t know… are you swollen?”

(he knows I get an allergic reaction when I get in the pool and I swell and get all bloated and a horrible rash on the face… so I’ve stayed away from the pool! of course!)

Me: “not that I know” (hesitating and touching my face alarmed)

Hubby: (getting closer to me… inspecting me, inquisitively) oh, ok… mmm I think you look really bloated…

Me: (running to the mirror, and seeing me the same way I saw myself all day long) “ummm… I had just thought I was having a “fat day”  but I guess it’s not just in my mind huh”

-sigh- … My shorts feel tighter around the waist, my face does look bigger, I am a mess!

I do have a rash from the last time I got in the pool but it’s on my elbows and legs, my skin is really sensitive so I can’t even shave myself right now (sorry! TMI!) so I feel like a horrible, bloated, hairy monster! -sigh- (sorry about the mental picture)

It’s incredible! I just scheduled another appt. with the doctor… I’ll have it today… that’s why I’ve been away from the blog again, nothing to report except weight gain… Right now I am trying to eat ONLY 1200 calories in the day… Today I had already burned over 1000 calories by 6:30 a.m. after bootcamp and a walk… I don’t know what else to do…

The Thin Lady Inside


9 thoughts on “Singing the same song

  1. oh my goodness – this sounds horrible 😦

    I listened to a podcast the other day with a lady who had a problem with her thyroid too – I only really paid attention to the stuff that was relevant to me (she was talking about broader health issues too) but if you want I can post you the links.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I just wanted to say I am so happy for you when I read about your losses, but I also enjoy reading about your gains because it is all part of the journey of weight loss. Most people won’t only experience losses. You may feel like you’re whining and/or failing, but I think most readers feel like it makes you more relatable. (Why is WordPress telling me relatable isn’t a word?!)

    I’m sorry you regained weight! You’ve been on quite the roller coaster lately. Hopefully the doctor can help you figure this out. In the meantime, maybe google thyroid/water retention? Or try and see if the thyroid can effect how your body uses sodium?

    • My sodium levels seem fine, but I do think I need some help with water retention… Thank you so much for your post… I guess that’s why I end up gathering the courage to write about it all… if there’s somebody out there feeling the same way (which I know there have to be many more) and if I can help with my own experiences, well… at least let’s get something positive out of this! Thank you so much!

  3. I agree with Jackie. We don’t mind if you whine. We ALL are feeling your pain and wish we could help. I’m glad you’ve made a second appointment. Perhaps your thyroid isn’t the only issue. Whatever it is, I hope you see some results soon. We’re pulling for you, so keep fighting! And keep blogging! You have lots of supporters out here who can at least help you out emotionally.
    Hang in there, TLI. You WILL win this battle!

    • Thanks! You are so sweet! I’ll for sure win this battle… I don’t know how long it’s going to take but my time will come… when I will look back at all this and it will make me appreciate that much more the victory… it will be even sweeter and I will want to “protect the results” that much more… I will not want to lose an inch of the territory I conquer… I will not want to get lazy and gain all the pounds back… 🙂 THank you so much!

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