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How I do it…

Hello everybody… How are you? Well… first of all let me tell you that my weight loss that showed up on the scale… seems to have been true… I haven’t gained any of it back and I am very pleased… I don’t feel thinner though… for some reason I feel all bloated! Yesterday was a good day… My friend and I went for our walk/run early in the morning… I burned about 530 calories in an hour… Then I stayed busy pretty much the whole day so when I finally hit the bed I had walked over 16,000 steps for the day! YAY me! That’s a good number for me because there’s no much “walking around” I can do… after my morning run that’s pretty much “it” in terms of walking… I live in a small department, I don’t have a car to go anywhere… There’s nowhere really near I can go and the sun is just too hot right now for my super sensitive skin and I can’t even swim anymore due to my horrible pool water allergies… -sigh- so… I am not trying to turn this into a whinny post… just explaining why 16000 steps are a very good thing for me!

Another thing I did yesterday was… that I made an amazing, amazing chocolate cake with buttercream frosting… This cake calls for hot coffee in the batter, other ingredients are sour cream and dutch processed cocoa, so you can imagine how rich and delicious this cake is… honestly… HEAVENLY! So… the frosting is also “out of this world” good… a whole pound of butter and six egg whites are part of this frosting… and what takes this cake “to a whole new level” is the chocolate ganache in between the layers of cake and underneath the buttercream, this ganache goes on top of the top layer too and is also covered with the buttercream… This is now hubby’s new favorite cake ever… he was telling me I should sell this cake and sell it for about 60 dollars, trust me… people would pay for this! And with all the ingredients it calls for…. it’s definitely not “too much to pay for” … it’s NOT a cheap cake to make… plus pretty elaborated too. You need a candy thermometer and the whole deal for the frosting… So… anyway… I spent my afternoon making this cake… which we would later share with friends and my friend asked my if I would have a slice too… I said “oh no… I’ll just have my ice-cream” (yes Shadowrun… ice cream is now my nightly treat… I buy the “slow churned” kind with only 1/2 the fat and it’s YUMMY and with only 100 calories per 1/2 cup is a very wise treat!) …. She said “How do you do it? How can you make all that and not eat it?” and it got me thinking… how do I do it? well… I guess first of all… I “plan ahead” I know in advance what I am going to eat and what I am not going to eat… that way… if it wasn’t “part of the plan” it’s easier to say “no” than when I am “improvising” … LOL … Second … I make sure I still enjoy “something”… like I do with my ice cream.  I save calories for MY treat and I enjoy it with everyone else… that way I am not just “looking at others eat”… And third… I “advertise” LOL! You might wonder what I mean by that… but something that really helps me… is “let people know” I will NOT be eating something… that way it would be “embarrassing” for me to “fail” … IYKWIM … Of course I don’t go telling everyone “I will not eat this or that” but I let my hubby and/or my closest friend or something like that… that I will NOT be eating this or that… and then it actually helps me stay in control… because now “people know” and … if I end up eating something I will look “too weak” and I hate that! … so I guess those are 3 of the things I do to adhere to my calorie goals for the day… no matter “how good” a cake is!

Today… I had a slice of that cake… everyone raved so much about it that I actually made a “thin slice” of that cake part of my “plan” for the day…. and oh! they were not kidding! It was gooooooooooooooood! And I enjoyed it “guilt free” because I’m making sure it’s something *I* Plan and control…

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “How I do it…

  1. There are times when I can’t pass up on something I’ve made, so I work it into my daily intake as well. But most times, one bite, that I devote all my senses to, is enough to satisfy me and keep me from eating more.
    I’ll occasionally get the slow churned ice cream too! So yummy! But I’m more of a Prairie Farms girl. In fact, I’m eating some right now…. 😉
    Good to hear the weight is staying off! Have you noticed an increase in your energy levels? Have you been less tired? I really hope so!
    Glad to hear it’s sunny and warm down there! I’m ready for it!

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