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Not throwing a party just yet…

Hi everyone! I just weighed myself… and apparently I lost 2.7 pounds… I re-weighed myself just to make sure it wasn’t a “mistake” and the number didn’t change, I did lose 2.7 pounds… I am being cautious with the way I feel about this though… I don’t want to end up being disappointed… But as I said, I am weighing myself everyday to keep track of my health and the changes in my body and the response I have to the thyroid hormone treatment and I have to report it… So.. I am not throwing a party just yet… I’ve lost weight in the period of a year before and I’ve gained it back (now I know that it’s because of the thyroid issue) but I sure can’t help but “enjoy” seeing the numbers on the scale go down… Hopefully this is a sign of “things to come”

Yesterday I didn’t exercise… I took it as my “day off”, although something inside of me was really needing to go to the gym or do something! I also knew I need one day off so it was yesterday… Today my running pal decided to not go run because she’s not feeling good… so our morning run together was cancelled … I will be catching up when hubby comes back from work, I’ll run in the gym or something.Ā  Hubby bought tennis rackets the other day and we already played once… I look more like I am trying to catch butterflies or some invisible bug… LOL! But it was fun… It didn’t even feel like exercise but the next day I was all sore in muscles where I am usually not sore so I guess it’s a good sign! Hopefully we can play again tomorrow… It’s pretty hot outside now though… and in the evening when it’s cooler the tennis courts are full (or you need a code to get in) but we’ll see…

That’s it for now… not much planned this weekend… we just have to go grocery shopping and that’s i… How about you? Anything exciting for the weekend?

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Not throwing a party just yet…

  1. I can understand your trepidation with believing your scale. I have a feeling that it’s accurate though!
    I’ve never been good at tennis, but it’s great exercise and makes for a fun date!
    As far as the weekend….. well, I’m working. No big surprise there. lol šŸ™‚

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