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Daily weigh-in

Well, as I mentioned before, now that we’ve found the root cause behind my inability to lose weight for a whole year regardless of my (obsessive) calorie counting and discipline exercising, etc… I have decided to weigh myself everyday again to see when the “improvements” start showing and keep close track of every variation… today… I weighed myself and there’s no change… not one ounce of weight gain or loss… which is good! I am thankful for not seeing weight gain… so my weight is: 181 pounds… My goal is to have lost 3 pounds in a month… that is not a lot for a “healthy person” but for me, I think it’s a good goal hoping that the medication starts working… I think it’s not too unrealistic but I must be prepared to not even reach that goal… I hope to do so!

My day yesterday was good, I ate 1834 calories and burned a total of 2416 cals. Right now I am not going too low in my calorie count because of the “condition” but I am still trying to have a calorie deficit of 750 everyday -although yesterday it was only 582-! I’d say my “food related sin” yesterday were cheetos… we went to the beach and I packed sandwiches, pistachios, hummus and crackers to munch on… Hubby bought those cheesy temptations and I ate them too! we walked by the ocean and when we came back I went to the gym and spent an hour there, walked and ran, I only ran 2 miles but walked 2 more there, I burned 624 calories and felt great afterwards! I don’t let any day pass without exercising! Today I was supposed to go to bootcamp from 5-6 but hubby had a Bible Study at 6 so he had to leave earlier (5:40 a.m.) so I had to stay home instead (we have two little ones and it didn’t make sense to get up at 4:30 a.m. drive to bootcamp just to be there only 25 minutes and drive back to be here before he left) so I just slept longer this morning… I will try to go to the gym when he gets home from work tonight.

Now… let’s face the day!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Daily weigh-in

  1. YAY! You didn’t gain anything! šŸ™‚
    I think your goal of 3 pounds this month is very realistic. And won’t it feel great if you surpass it!
    How’s the weather been down there? Lots of storms seem to be coming through that area these days…

    • Yes, I am excited when I don’t gain weight! And now I know there’s not reason to beat myself up for not losing! šŸ™‚ feels good! Right now the day looks gorgeous and it seems it will be nice all week! We’ll reach the 90’s on Saturday, right now it’s 8:45 am and it’s almost 80 degrees… how is it where you are? I was watching the news and the weather’s been crazy in so many places… like NY! and what happened in Oklahoma was horrible! that I am thankful we’re having such nice weather.

      • Oh good. I’m glad the bad weather’s missing you. We haven’t had any really bad storms, but it rains almost every other day it seems – and always on my day off. Can’t complain though. Things could be much worse!

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