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Day 2

Hi everyone! Today is the second day of the thyroid hormone treatment… and obviously it’s still too soon to see or feel any difference… I am still incredibly tired and still feeling like I am pushing myself to take each of the many thousands of steps that I take daily… πŸ™‚ I must say that after feeling like a failure for a while it’s a relief to actually have a sense of pride… looking back I am just amazed at all the things I’ve been able to accomplish even when being sick and having such a slow metabolism… now I know there was a reason but now I see that when I thought I was weak I was actually stronger than I imagined… I was able to even get myself to run a 5k! My heart got stronger and I became really disciplined getting up in the mornings to go running and/or to the bootcamp! Now I know that I can still do it no matter what… KNOWING that there’s a “condition” just gives me an extra boost … knowing that I was doing all the “right things” and that the fact that my body wasn’t responding as expected was NOT my fault! -whew-


So… Now that I started the treatment for hypothyroidism I think gives me another reason to be consistent in my blogging one more time! I will go back to weighing myself everyday just to see when “the changes” begin and to be able to track the improvement in my health, etc…

So … I’ll be here tomorrow… to report my weight… Looking forward to a new phase in my life!

The Thin Lady Inside


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