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What’s going on…

Well… the title of this post could have a question mark at the end too… What’s going on? That is still the question in my life… After more than a year of not losing weight regardless of having a calorie deficit of 750 for most days (sometimes more, sometimes way less) I finally went to the doctor, even my husband is intrigued because he sees my hard work and how there are just no results, not evident, not in my clothes, not in the measuring tape, not in the mirror, not on the scale… And after seeing my tears of frustration and disappointment when I actually GAIN WEIGHT (I am back to 182) he scheduled an appointment with a doctor so that I can get my thyroid check and whatever the doctor thinks is necessary… My appointment was yesterday morning and the doctor seemed “skeptical” to my story… she didn’t seem to believe I am doing “all the things I am doing” and still not losing weight… I must say though that it’s been a week since I’ve been slacking and just eating more than I should… (until today, when I am back to being super strict)… but anyway… the doctor was pretty skeptical, like “really? you run?” I know… I don’t look like I run… there’s this fat girl sitting on the examination table with a big tire around my waist, weighing 182 pounds… saying “I do boot camp twice a week and run every morning”, eating between 1200-1600 calories a day and I can’t lose weight! But she finally believed me… especially when I gave her so many details and told her how obsessive I am to the point of insanity with the recording of what I eat (even if it’s the same most days! LOL) and when she even saw my heart rate monitor and my fitbit calorie tracker…

So… she then seemed interested and said… “There’s something wrong here!” yeah! You think???  so I am getting my thyroid checked and she ordered some other tests that I don’t really know exactly what they’re for… lipid stuff and a diabetes thingy… who knows… I just want them to find something wrong with me that can be fixed and we can all move on and be happy!

I’ve been meaning to post but it’s so frustrating to come always with my same story that I don’t want to bore anybody… I will try to post more because I really enjoy doing it! And it’s a great way for me to express exactly what I feel without the fear of being judged … I am so thankful for my friends shadowrun and Tiff who are always checking on me! Thank you ladies!

So… exercise wise… as you read… I am now consistently on bootcamp 2 times a week… and I am getting my butt kicked! LOL! Last time I burned 900 calories between the bootcamp and then 15 minute walk afterwards… it feels great to start the day like that… I do bootcamp on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it means getting up at 4:30 a.m. to do it! It is hard! I am NOT  a morning person… but I know it’s important to exercise other muscles! I attempted the pool but I have horrible allergic reactions to the chemicals, last year I thought it was the sun that was hurting me… right now I am pretty sure it’s the pool, which is bad… because not only it is a great exercise and just fun but also now that I don’t have a car (after hubby’s was stolen) I was looking forward to being able to use the pool here in the apartments so I can get the girls out… but no! the doctor yesterday told me to take Zirtec and I did but the rash from the swim 3 days ago it’s still pretty bad on my face, lips, arms and legs… -sigh- … the hardest part is when I exercise and sweat… it’s like pouring acid on my skin! It burns pretty bad! I don’t like being a complainer and a whiner … I am thankful for everything and try to keep a good attitude but I guess it’s just “a phase” I am going through where hitting this same wall keeps me frustrated …

Anyway… that’s it with me… As I said… today I am back to being super strict with my eating… this morning I tried the “Fiber One pancake mix” to have something “fun for breakfast” with my girls and still eat within the calorie range and add fiber to my diet… and they were good, not spectacular but good… so if you have a craving for Pancakes and you’re watching your figure, go for these, 1/2 cup of mix (3 -not very big- pancakes) has 180 calories, and 20% of the daily recommended intake of fiber, you can add some syrup (watch that! 210 calories for regular pancake syrup in 1/4 of a cup, so I had 1 tbsp.) and/or you can just have some fruit on the side. you kill your pancake craving and still add something good to your day without having to sacrifice in your calorie numbers.

See you soon again! I promise!

The Impatient Lady


2 thoughts on “What’s going on…

  1. I am SO glad you went to the doctor, although I can’t believe she gave you such a hard time! I’m happy you were finally able to convince her!
    I’ve been so worried about you these past few weeks, but the break was probably good for you. And just so you know, you’re not boring anyone with your stories. Well, at least not me. It’s helpful sometimes to vent, and what better place to do that than a blog.
    Good to see you back TLI. Let us know what your results turn out to be!

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