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Take me to the doctor !

Hello everybody… As you’ve known if you have read my blog previously, I’ve been stuck in the 178-180’s for a long time, a year now… I count calories, I run, I exercise… and nothing… my body refuses to let me lose weight… and trust me… it’s not any good kind of weight that I’m talking about… it’s fat, it’s around the waist… it’s disgusting, not muscle fat…  Sometimes I lose some, sometimes I gain some… which is very discouraging when you’re doing all the stuff you’re supposed to do… when you’re doing stuff that works for everybody else and that’s worked for yourself in the past already!

So… the other day I was having a “fat day” … I was feeling heavier and even running was harder, I thought it was just in my mind so I stepped on the scale to “feel better” because I was sure it would show a loss, it had been 4 days since I had last weighed myself and since I continue to daily have a deficit of 750 calories I convinced myself I would see a lower number this time… I stepped on the scale (Wii Fit Balance Board) and it showed I gained 5 pounds! 5 pounds!!!!! and I am almost back to the Obese category (honestly! If I gain just 1 more oz. I will be there!) I started bawling! I called my husband and asked him to consider taking me to the dr. or something… This doesn’t make sense… it’s not normal! I felt down the whole day! Particularly because just the day before I made cake/cookies to share with friends here at the house and I didn’t even allow myself to have a cookie! so… it doesn’t make sense I gained at all!

(Here are some pics of my baked goods)

IMG_6115 IMG_6116-001

I hope I can go to a dr. soon… I need to know if this is hormonal or what is going on! In the mean time I continue to run and I’ll have my 5k on Saturday… I already ran “mock 5ks” at the park and I know I “got it” but my knees sure feel the extra weight…


The Frustrated Lady In and Out!


7 thoughts on “Take me to the doctor !

  1. I think a dr is such a good idea. There’s so many physiological factors that could be keeping the weight on. Hopefully a doctor can figure it out. Definitely request thyroid testing, hormone testing (DHEA for sure), and food allergy testing.

    My food allergy tests came out fine, but food intolerance (IgG) testing did not. Unfortunately IgG isn’t a standard test all doctors can order through the normal lab so google it ahead of time. You may need to get a kit and have your doctor sign off on it. When I first was diagnosed with food intolerances, my BMI was about 22. Now it is 20. I think if I weren’t sick, it’d be 21ish. When I “cheat” I gain 5 pounds in a day. I think it has to do with all the inflammation and bloating.

    Also try researching the unnatural substances in our food, especially diet foods. Our bodies were not made to process all of the chemicals/additives in our food. It confuses our body and can seriously alter hormones and the way our bodies process energy.

    Do you have Netflix? Watch Hungry for Change!

    ((hugs)) I’m sorry you are struggling and so frustrated. You work so hard and deserve to see results!

    • Wow! This makes so much sense! I shared about this with my husband… I just want to know what’s wrong with ME! Not that I want anything to be wrong but at least knowing what the issue is and how to tackle it I will not feel as lost and discouraged! Thank you! 😀

      • I’m happy you’re feeling optimistic! I don’t know if you feel you have good digestion or not, but if you don’t, taking digestive enzymes (I love Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes) could really help. We cook and process our food so much that the enzymes are gone by the time we eat it and our bodies cannot produce enough to properly break down the food.

  2. It definitely sounds like you’re fighting more than you can conquer. As hard as you’re working, you should be seeing the results. Maybe it really is time to see the doc. It’s so admirable that you’re not giving up though!
    I’ll be thinking of you during your 5k this weekend! And I’ll send some knee juju your way. It worked for me! 🙂
    Anyway, lots of hugs to you, TLI. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Hang in there…

    • Thank you so much! It means a lot to read that I am not crazy to expect good results, sometimes I second guess myself and wonder if I am really doing enough… but I know I am … even if very slowly I should still see some positive results! Thank you!

  3. You might want to try The Maker’s Diet. Ditching the grains and starches got me out of a rut (check my recent posts). I have dropped 20 lbs. already since February. I also thought 60 lbs. was about the max I could do with the plan I was using, but now I think I can easily drop another 10-15 lbs for a total of 70-75 lbs. lost. Give it a try, you might be surprised.

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