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My knees

Well, for those that don’t know it… I have RA, it’s been really good and “under control” I don’t take any medications for it because I am more scared of the “consequences” from the medicines than the actual RA… (except when I have a flare… then… just give me anything!!!) but since I haven’t been in pain (except for morning stiffness, particularly when there’s too much humidity in the air) and I know that an important reason why I haven’t been doing “too bad” with it… it’s all the weight I’ve lost… even if the scale never catches up with my efforts… just knowing that my muscles are stronger and feeling lighter and almost pain free is a great motivator to keep going…

BUT… and there’s a BUT… MY knees! Oh my goodness! They just feel very uncomfortable, there’s pain mainly when going up/down stairs and or when “sitting/getting up” if I warm up enough before my runs then they barely bother me… but as I said… when going upstairs or stuff like that… the “horrible cracking” that comes out of my knees is pretty uncomfortable and LOUD… I actually avoid a set of stairs in church where I can even hear the “echo” from the sound coming out of my poor knees! It’s embarrassing! I know when I was younger I already had some deformations in my knees, very minor, but they were there… as consequence of RA … they looked like little bumps and sometimes even like sharp peaks in some areas of the joint… but I guess time ( age ), excessive weight and now even running has affected them more… I’m so bad taking medicine or supplements that I really never took anything but I just started taking Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM and I truly hope there’ll be a good, noticeable effect from taking it! SOON! I hope so because that’s what I feel it’s keeping me right now from being able to run more… My heart has gotten so much stronger already that I am actually burning way less calories with my morning run! My heart rate used to reach up to 180 and now… well… I am lucky if it reaches 167! that’s great… but I need to do more in order to burn the numbers I was burning! I also feel like my leg muscles have gotten stronger… my pace is much faster now I run at 11.5 minutes per mile when I used to run a mile in 20 minutes (yes… I was basically walking! when I thought I was running) so… now I just need to get this “knee thing” better…

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “My knees

  1. I am SO sorry you’re having trouble with your knees. No one can understand better than me how hard that can be! Mine will most likely get better though, and hopefully yours will too over time. Surely the weight loss will continue to help them out.
    Your running is going so well! I’d hate for something to stop you now!

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