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My first 5K

Hello everybody… Remember how the other day I said I was done trying to “lose weight”? I explained I wasn’t done eating healthy and exercising… just done with the hope of seeing the scale or measuring tape reflect my efforts! But you know what? I am SOOO not done! I guess I’ll never be! I am pushing towards my goal… I do not know how long it will take… I know it will not be easy… I know I will get discouraged at times… but I am NOT done!

So I am switching things up around a little bit… once again eating less calories… staying within 1200-1500 a day and incorporating more strength training… Right now I am pumped because my first 5k is coming! April 27th I will be running! I will be in a group that will not be timed! I am not going for “speed” right now… I am just going to continue to incorporate healthy activities in my life that keep me motivated and encouraged!

So… My first 5k will be to support a missionary cause… people who take water and the gospel to Sudan! plus a bunch of other things… so… I am excited!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “My first 5K

  1. Ooohhh! I’m so excited for you! What a great way to stay motivated to run without the pressure of feeling like you have to be fast. And you’re doing it for a great cause too!
    I totally understand how you can never be “done” caring about what the scale and tape measures say… because truthfully, you’re trying to lose weight and you want the scale to show it. I think I’m more worried that you’ll give up if it doesn’t start moving soon. You’ve come such a long ways]. Even if you’re not losing weight, you are so much more active and eating so much more healthily. If you hadn’t been doing that these last few months, imagine how many pounds you would have gained! :/
    But I SHOULDN’T be worried that you’ll give up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more determined to beat this. I’m pushing for you all the way!

    • Thank you! YES! I am very excited! My friend will be running with me too! Our families will all be there! There’ll be bouncing thingies for kids and stuff like that… it’s a very “family oriented thing” in a very nice place… so … it will be great memories too! Don’t worry… I will not give up! Whatever discouragement I feel at times does not compare to the horrible feeling of being totally out of control, feeling hopelessly obese and not even knowing where to start! 🙂 Thanks Shadow! 🙂

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