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Laughing, Crying and deciding I am not losing weight anymore

Hello everybody! Here I am! Still in the fight… at least when it comes to eating healthy and burning more calories than I eat… Let me tell you I’ve been absent because a bunch of things have happened… Good and not so good ones… Last week we had an awesome vacation time with hubby, we went to a place close by and spent the night at a hotel there, hubby, the girls and I… so it was a great time… we had dinner out and breakfast but even for our “mini-vacations” I totally watched what I ate… I didn’t even skip my morning runs and got way more “steps in” than usual in my daily activity because we walked and were out and about so much! It was great! For dinner hubby had an amazing dish of shrimp, made in different ways, different batters, different fries, coconut shrimp, natural, etc… and different sauces to dip the shrimp in… ah! It looked awesome! I had steamed fish with rice and vegetables… I did great! drank water and said “no” to ice cream … Then in the morning went to IHOP and I stayed in the “simple and fit” side of the menu! Didn’t exceed my calories! I was excited to come home and weigh myself… just to find out that after one week I gained 4 pounds! I know… you (shadowrun) will say “that’s impossible” and I’ve thought about it too! It, in theory, is impossible! BUT… it is true! Who am I kidding!???? All the times that “this” has happened it’s been TRUE! Otherwise I would’ve left the 170’s a long time ago!!! I decided to believe it was liquid retention… I decided not to cry and give it a few more days… so I did… I stayed strong and exercising, eating great! Making good choices! Sticking with what “works” or at least I thought “had worked” just to step on the scale again and see I gained an extra 1 pound! Yes… some will say it’s muscle but that’s not true!!! IT IS NOT! I would still look thinner! And even when my face might have slimmed a little my waist hasn’t shrunk at all!!! My floating device is still there!!! And yes… my pants are actually tighter around the waist! It does NOT make sense! I am back at 180 pounds! I HAD BEEN already felt victorious and thought I had left “the bump” in the past when I reached 175.3 but… I guess I celebrated too soon!

So I have decided not to “try to lose weight anymore” … that’s always been my focus! I’ve decided to not care about the scale or even the measuring tape, my new worst enemies! And just continue to do what I do (run, exercise, make healthy choices) just for the “sake of it” and to avoid getting back to my huge old self again! I might be this weight forever (or so it seems) but at least I am not as obese as I used to! I am still eating about 750 calories less than I burn per day… so maybe one day, by some sort of miracle my body will decide to join me in my efforts! Because continue to expect low numbers is just too exhausting and very un-rewarding!

What else happened? Well… Hubby’s car got stolen… YES, stolen… and I’ve cried like a baby because we had a lot of our babies stuff in the trunk…. we were thinking about donating it to someone special who would need it…  but this horrible person, whoever it was, who stole hubby’s car got it all! swing, bouncing chair, play pen, carseat, etc… memories of my babies, their scent, their rocking, everything! I might be hormonal right now or something because I am crying again… I shouldn’t! It was just stuff and I am thankful we have another car so hubby can still go to work without an issue… now I don’t have a car but have wonderful friends who have told me they are THERE FOR ME if I need anything… and many have cars but not that many have such awesome friends! 🙂

Anyway… long update, huh? 🙂

The Thin Lady… way inside!


9 thoughts on “Laughing, Crying and deciding I am not losing weight anymore

  1. Sounds like your bloated? AF, food allergy, PMS so many factors really. I can gain several pounds. You are right it would be muscle for it’s a misconception that muscle weighs more than fat. It does not, it’s just more dense so there for as you said you would be slimmer. I would say if anything either change up the exercise, check what you are eating and see if there is something that could cause the water retention and maybe eat some foods/drinks that are natural diuretics. Hugs, I have so been there, heck I’m always there lol.

      • Oh girl, I soooo understand! I haven’t read through your blog so I apologize if this has been asked but have you been checked for thyroid issues and such? I know I have several health issues that is effecting my weight and it sucks.

  2. Holy moly. What a week! Thanks for the long update though. You had a lot to catch up on.
    I guess when I say it’s impossible to gain weight when you burn more than you take in, that eating too much or not exercising enough is NOT the culprit. Something else is. Sometimes it’s more of a science trying to figure out what makes people lose weight. It very well may be the combination of foods you’re eating. And if you are hormonal, it could be THAT.
    With that said, I totally understand how none of this matters. What matters is the scale is NOT moving, and you’re feeling frustrated. Who can blame you? You’re working hard, eating right, and you’re not seeing results. I’m as upset as you.
    However, I’m happy to hear that you’ll continue with your running and exercising and eating healthy. Because even if the scale never moves, this kind of lifestyle is a healthy one and will be a great example for your daughters. If you’re like me, you’ll never want your daughters to go through what you’re going through.
    I can’t believe your car was stolen! Doesn’t that just happen to other people? And how sad that they are getting your donations for being rotten people. Ugh. I sure hope they catch the guy!
    Good to see you again TLI. Don’t give up. Be proud of your accomplishments and continue to make your goal to be strong and healthy. (And slam the scale into the wall for me, wouldja?)

    • Yes, I know what you mean… It’s still a mystery to me, the whole “weight thing” I feel like I’ve switched things around quite a bit several times… and even when I lose a little I gain it all back pretty quickly… out of the blue… I sure never want my girls to go through obesity… NEVER… so I am happy being a good example for them! Even if it was just for “that reason” all the effort is worth it! I will be happy to smash the scale for you! LOL! BTW… have you heard about the “fast diet”? I am never too inclined to go for “anything and everything” that’s “out there” but this time I am willing to try anything that might just do the trick, even if just to get me “out of this plateau” … someone told me they’ve lost tons of weight (and I can tell) with that diet… it’s about “fasting” or “kind of fasting” 2 times a week…. so… for two days during the week you can ONLY eat 500 calories… so… you choose which days… and how you “distribute” those calories in the day… 500 calories only… and the rest of the days you eat like you normally would… (I would still stick to my plan of healthy choices of course) how does that sound to you? too crazy? Let me know!

  3. I don’t like fad diets, mainly because they are impossible to stick to in real life. However, this doesn’t really sound like a fad diet. Sounds more like you’re keeping your body guessing, which is a strategy I like. It’s similar to a seesaw diet, where you eat a little less one day and little more the next, but averaging a certain amount of calories daily. Honestly, I don’t think it can hurt you. Just keep in mind that if you exercise on those days, you’re likely to be more hungry, which puts you in danger of overeating at some point. So I wouldn’t run on a day that you plan to only take in 500 calories. It doesn’t seem fair to you or your body. If you feel you must exercise, perhaps stick with toning exercises. Another thing to consider is that once you stop doing that, you may gain a few pounds while your body adjusts, but if it works for you, a few pounds back won’t seem like much.
    Certainly worth a try! I’m interested to see if it works for you!

    • Thank you for your input! I hope I can do it… some day! LOL! I start each day with the best of the intentions but 500 calories are hard! we’ll see… what we’re definitely going to do (my running friend and I) is run even more! She’s actually gained around 8 pounds since we started running… it’s hard because we both go through waves of discouragement but it’s nice to have each other and keep each other accountable and motivated!

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