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Yes it’s Easter, Yes it’s Early, yes it’s Sunday!

Hello everybody! I haven’t been blogging much lately but I feel like I’ve been doing really good… I think I’ve stayed away from my blog more due to my anxiety from the “solo” I would have for the Easter program in church (which thank God was done already!) and I couldn’t get my head “clear enough” to write posts… at least not coherent ones… LOL … Anyway… that’s done so I just want to report that I’ve always stayed within the recommended calorie range… except for yesterday… I went just a little higher because it was my friend’s birthday and she had a magnificent spread! Oh my goodness! Everything was great! I must say that my favorite part of the spread was the chicken salad I made (LOL) but it’s not low in calories and has real mayo in it (not the light stuff!), I had chips and a sandwich and some other salads as well… So I know I had around 1500 calories all at once… I had yogurt for breakfast and then I didn’t have anything else to eat after the stuff in her house, so my calories still stayed in the “decent and human numbers” still, when I realized how many calories I ate (even when I didn’t drink any soda or ate any dessert) and then I checked my fitbit and I had only walked 1100 steps total I decided to go to wal-mart and then to kroger for some extra steps in the stores… so I ended up with a count of around 7000 steps… better than 1000 that’s for sure!

It’s amazing what “high calorie” food like that does to your body though… I was sleepy and feeling so heavy that I could’ve sworn I gained back all the calories I’ve lost in the whole time I’ve been in this journey… I could see myself GROW in front of the mirror (even when I know it’s not true) but even my clothes felt different… I went to sleep with a bad feeling in my stomach just from “the thought” of being obese again… I know that feeling too well! I don’t want to be there ever again… So I told my birthday friend (who is also my running pal) that we definitely needed to run “the next day” (today) and even when I had to be in church at 7:30 a.m. for sound check and have a long morning singing for the 3 Easter Services… I decided that nothing would make me not run today… so my friend, accepted to run with me… and so we did… we met at 5:30 a.m., we walked 1.7 miles and ran the same distance back…. I must say it felt great when she said “you pushed me this time!” she’s the one always taking “the lead” and I am the one always panting a few steps behind her feeling like it’s a real battle to keep up with her… this time I think I was a few inches ahead of her… and I was the one setting the pace… it felt good! it felt awesome! we laughed when we saw cars drove slow by us… we were joking around saying maybe they thought we were crazy… we made up conversations making up what “they were saying inside their cars” … like “hey! are you crazy? It’s so early! And it’s Easter! And it’s Sunday!” LOL! 🙂

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Yes it’s Easter, Yes it’s Early, yes it’s Sunday!

  1. How nice that your mother got to see you sing again! She’s most proud, I’m sure.
    If I was in one of those cars passing you while you ran, I would have been totally jealous. For me, it’s a treat to be able to run in the morning. In fact, I can’t wait to go out tomorrow.
    You’re definitely showing your commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle, and I promise, the results will catch up to you soon.
    Happy Easter! And now that things are slowing down for you, I expect a few more posts…. 😉

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