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Keeping my voice

Hello everybody… well… Friday is the day when I will be singing in our Easter Program. The name of the Program is “Victorious” and it’s going to be really beautiful but nerves are really taking a toll in me… My stomach is always unsettled and I know it’s all nervousness… It’s actually been about 12 years since I last sang “for real” … My throat closes up and I start coughing every time it’s my turn to sing during rehearsals… and allergies, well… they’re not helping…

So… my friend and I will be running in the Fitness Center of the Apartment Complex where I live the whole week… it’s a longer drive for her but I am happy to have such a good friend who will do this for me to avoid running outside in the cold and with all the pollen and humidity in the environment… We’re actually going to reach freezing temperatures tomorrow morning… so I am glad we have the option to run indoors! The gym is actually very nice… There are two treadmills (and thank God they’re both working right now), 2 elliptical machines, 1 bycicle, weights and other equipment… Today I walked 1 mile and ran a little over 3. I am happy! I burned 714 calories (according to the watch that hubby gave me that calculates burned calories based on your heart rate/age/etc.)

I hope all the congestion will soon go away, this whole week is filled with rehearsals… Solos rehearsal tomorrow, general rehearsal on Wednesday and Dress Rehearsal on Thursday… I am nervous, nervous, nervous! My mom and sister will be visiting for Easter and I am excited… they’ll get to hear me sing “formally” like that after 12 years of not doing so … the program will be so beautiful and I know they’ll love it! Then on Sunday we’ll have 3 special Easter Services and I’ll have to be in church since 7:30 a.m. … I am just thankful for such a supportive husband that helps me and encourages me to do everything!

Today I weighed myself and I lost .7 pounds ONLY! I can not believe it! But oh well! At least there was a loss… Last week there was a gain of 1.1 pounds (which I couldn’t believe either) … but here I am… fighting… fighting and singing!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Keeping my voice

  1. I think the two of us are going through similar issues! You have an important day of singing coming up, you want to do well, but you’re feeling a little congested. It’s nerve wracking enough without feeling sick, but being sick adds to the anxiety.
    That’s me and my knee and my race coming up. :/
    Great idea to use the gym this week to keep your allergies at rest. I’m so proud of you for sticking to your exercise routine. But I’m quite angry at your scale. Just remember – it’s not the only measure of how well you’re doing. Remember? Your face is looking thinner and you’re feeling stronger. Your scale doesn’t measure those things.
    Best of luck this weekend! I can’t wait to hear how well you do!

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