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Running Late

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t been very active blogging! It doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing “My job” here! I definitely have! There hasn’t been a day where I have exceeded my “recommended by the fitbit” calories or that I have neglected my exercising… Wait… I didn’t go running just one day because I was just coughing too much and it was raining so I had to stay in…

Anyway… so … everyday I wake up at 5:10 to just go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get in my running clothes as silently and quickly as possible to meet my friend at 6:30 and run with her… I even went running after a horrible night that I didn’t sleep AT ALL due to the coughing… I figured it didn’t make sense staying in bed if I wasn’t going to sleep anyway! But… well.. that’s not the story… Today… my 4 yr. old came to my bed at 4 a.m., she wanted me to go with her to the bathroom because she wanted to pee, then she wanted me to stay with her in her bed because her sister (2 yrs. old) abandoned her and was already IN my bed so she didn’t want to sleep on her own… I figured my sleep was ruined by then so I went to her room, kept looking at my cell phone to get up at 5:10 like I usually do… and then at 5:07 I turned the alarm off to avoid making any noise and wake anybody up… and then I blinked (or so I thought) until my cell phone made a noise that let me know I “had a new message” and it was my friend saying “Where are you?” I rubbed my eyes and realized it was 5:42! We both have a tight schedule in the mornings, she has kids to send to school, I have a husband that has to go to work and I can’t be late back at home because we have little ones… so we can’t both be gone… I was so embarrassed with my friend for getting up so late, I called her and said “I’ll be right over” … I don’t know how I made it there at 5:5ish … but … something good came out of all of this… what my friend and I usually do in 1 hour we did in 46 minutes… so we definitely got a good work out and I guess that should now be “our time to beat” 🙂

Whew… Running late was bad but at least worked for the good!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Running Late

  1. Sometimes sleep feels like a blink, doesn’t it? I’m glad she texted you and you didn’t sleep through your workout! And now that you know how fast you can really go, you’ve set a goal for yourselves! 🙂
    Big singing day coming up, right? Sure hope your cough is gone by then!

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