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And then in Chili’s…

Hello everybody! Here I am … with a horrible cold! I don’t even know if it’s a cold or just allergies… but I feel horrible! I couldn’t go running this morning… I couldn’t even wake hubby up like I always do so he was late for work! -sigh- I hope I’ll be better tomorrow so I can run in the evening!

Anyway… Saturday was a great day, hubby came home around 4, we went for a walk at a park, I needed to get some steps “in” for the day… so here is a picture of the place where we walked…


and then went to Chili’s for dinner… I ordered a bowl of chili (but only ate 2/3 of it) and had the 6oz. sirloin steak with steamed broccoli, had water with ice with it and that was it, I really enjoyed my meal and it was only 500 calories total! For the whole day I had 1444 calories so, not bad!

Here’s a picture of me with my littlest one at Chili’s


I published this picture on my fb profile and many mentioned how much slimmer my face looks, I agree with everyone! I liked the picture and I like how I feel! much stronger and just leaner! it’s great!

Tonight I can’t wait to watch The Biggest Loser Finale! It’s going to be great! I am rooting for Danni! We’ll see how that goes! No matter who is officially declared the “Biggest Loser” they are all winners! They have lost tons of pounds and gained so much confidence, strength and health! I am so excited for all of them!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “And then in Chili’s…

  1. I love that restaurants are offering low calorie meals that are delicious and satisfying. I’ve never eaten at Chili’s, but I’m a big fan of Applebees. They have a pretty good low-cal selection.
    The picture of you and your daughter is beautiful! You look great! šŸ™‚
    P.S. I watched the very end of Biggest Loser. I’m so happy your favorite won! She looks awesome!

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