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And for my birthday I got…

Well… as I already said… I got to run in the morning, I got to eat at Chick-fil-a with my girls (obviously stayed on the healthy choices), got to eat a tiny sliver of chocolate cake that hubby bought as a surprise for me… got to enjoy watching my girls play at the pool, got a cold afterwards and right now my throat is killing me … but I also got…


Two pairs of walking weights (2 lbs. and 4 lbs) -in the picture I am showing only one set, the other was still in the bag and it’s purple- and a heart rate monitoring/cal counting watch. It’s water resistant too! (Those were gifts from hubby). My friend that runs with me in the morning got me a Chick-Fil-A card and a miniature rose bush (so cute!) … that was so nice! Another friend gave me a Starbucks card and my FIL got me a nice card and $25.00 … 🙂 It was a great day … mainly for having so much love in my life and that my loved ones are healthy… I got tons of “FB birthday wishes” and my mom shared a link on YouTube of a song that she’s always loved and that she would sing for me when I was little… it was sweet!

That’s it for now… as I said… I think we’ll go to Chili’s tonight… maybe not… this cold is bothering me and I don’t need any temptations anyway… but if we do go I’ll stay on “the right side” of the menu

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Thin Lady Inside


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