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Not in the morning…

Hello! Well… yesterday I didn’t get to run in the morning, because hubby had to leave much earlier, he has Bible Study on Tuesday mornings, at 6 a.m. so he leaves around 5:40, so yesterday I had a friend over for coffee in the morning and I made a cake, I made a “Honey Bee Cake” and then just to go with it I made a brown sugar whipped cream. I had a bite from a thin slice that I gave to my littlest one… then after my friend was gone I made lunch, did dishes, etc… you know, the “normal” (and most basic) stuff around the house, I then got on my rowing machine and did 30 minutes of rowing, but in the evening I got to go running with my friend, again, we started walking, to warm up, we walked 1.5 miles and then ran the same distance back, I felt like I was suffocating! I was panting, getting lots of air in but felt like no oxygen at all… It was hard but I did it… this morning it was harder to get up to run, it feels like “I just did that!” because I pretty much just did! I went running last night so… it was hard to get myself out of bed to do it all over again, I couldn’t run the same amount, I think we only ran 1 mile today, although we still went the whole same distance walking, this time I didn’t feel like I was asphyxiating, just my legs weren’t responding as I wanted.

So… let’s see how I did yesterday with numbers:

12645 steps taken

5.89 miles traveled

2724 calories burned

1,467 total calorie intake

Calorie Deficit = 1257 calories… and they all go towards my weight loss efforts! Again… I hope I see some results on the scale too! But I am not going to obsess on that when I am already seeing results in my strength and just how I feel… but scale and measuring tape would help too! Yesterday I got on the scale and it showed +1.1 pounds! Yes … I gained weight! again! I am at 179 pounds and I am hoping it’s just a fluctuation, from that big dinner I had on Sunday but something that will soon go away because otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

The Thin Lady Inside

One thought on “Not in the morning…

  1. I’m sure your legs were wondering what the heck you were doing to them! 🙂
    I’m sorry for you that the scale still isn’t being friendly. I think you should dump it for some measuring tape! Just remember how you feel, and how strong you’re getting, and especially that you are doing nothing wrong!
    You are living a healthy lifestyle. The numbers will catch up soon!

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