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At least I didn’t eat this…

Hello everybody! So today was hubby and I’s 6th wedding anniversary! Our original idea was to go on a “running date” we thought we could go to a nice place and run but then the day started with rain and we thought that was ruined so we thought maybe we’d go out for dinner after all… later on the day, right before our “babysitter” arrived we realized the day had actually gotten pretty beautiful so maybe we could go out and run after all, but since we had already changed our plans we didn’t even know where we’d go, we wanted to go “somewhere new” that neither of us has been to, so we went to a park that someone told us it was nice, well, we drove there and it wasn’t nice at all… so we ended up wasting a whole hour (of the two hours we originally had) driving around, then hubby realized (probably my tears were a good enough hint) that he hadn’t even given me flowers today! so he ended up trying to “reset” our day and “restart it all over again” we came back home, asked our babysitter if she’d stay an extra hour and she said it would be fine, I changed and while I was changing hubby went and got flowers, then we went for a brief walk …and here I am, all happy!


Then we had dinner in a nice place and oh my goodness! I ATE! I ate a huge, huge burger, oh! wait! I had cheese stuffed shrimp, wrapped in bacon, as an appetizer, then the 1/2 pound burger came, it was huge and delicious!


and I ate the whole thing! Hubby mentioned he wouldn’t be able to eat it all by himself… well, that’s not my case! The skill, capability and expertise is all in here! I ate it like it was nothing! -snort- hey! I have training for that! and I really enjoyed our time together, I still don’t think my calories for the day were crazy high, I mean, it was a good 2,250 calories for the whole day but it’s not terrible… although I was pretty sedentary today, I didn’t reach my 10,000 steps daily goal but I sure had a good time, right now I am heading to bed to rest and be able to get up early tomorrow to burn all the calories I ate tonight!

But hey… at least I didn’t eat any of the delicious “Eastery” cupcakes I made yesterday:


Ok… that’s it… Happy Anniversary to us! I am so blessed to be married to my prince, who even when he forgot to get me flowers today, he came through, but not only that, the things that really matter, the day to day stuff, those are the ones that I am thankful for! He’s awesome and a true blessing in my life!


The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “At least I didn’t eat this…

  1. I’m so sorry the day didn’t start out as you had planned! But how sweet of your hubby to make it up to you! You’re such a cute couple!
    And those Easter cupcakes are adorable! Hope you don’t mind if I copy that idea! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! Happy aniversary! Sometimes with all what happens in life we forget little things on special days but like you said what counts is the day to day life and that you are a great fit for each other 🙂

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