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Getting the gist of it…

Hello everybody! Here I am … yesterday was a good day… here are my “stats”


11291 steps taken (out of a daily goal of 10,000)
5.17 miles traveled (out of a daily goal of 5 miles)
2726 calories burned (out of a daily goal of 2,184)

I ate a total of 1,604 so… 2726 calories burned – 1,604 total calorie intake = 1,122 calories that go for my weight loss!

I added a protein bar for my diet and guess what? I spent a total of 50 minutes on the rowing machine! I am definitely getting the gist of this! I did it in 2 sessions of 20 minutes and 1 extra session of 10 minutes, I do about 215 “rows” per 10 minutes. so it was about 1,075 total “rows” in the day.

My morning run was very enjoyable, like I mentioned yesterday, I walked most of it because my legs were just refusing to cooperate. I actually got too warm with the clothes I wore to run so I got home and took most clothes off because it was too hot but all of a sudden I started literally shaking from how cold I got and I couldn’t stop the “shivering” so I laid in the couch and covered myself with blankets… I fell asleep actually… I think it’s a reaction from the things I am doing… I think this is what I’ve been needing to “shock my system” … After that I was fine the rest of the day.

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Getting the gist of it…

  1. Isn’t it fun to see yourself suddenly doing things you didn’t think you could! These are the successes you should focus on. Not the number on the scale. I saw a pic the other day that said “Strong is the new skinny.” I thought it was perfect!
    Congrats on doing so well! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

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