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Why nobody told me?

Hello everybody! So… I have a question… have you all been enjoying the beautiful sunrises? Nobody told me I was missing out so much! I love my sleep, but looking at all the colors when the sun starts to come out is beautiful! I am so happy I am enjoying that! Of course my “sunrises” are very soon coming to an end with the “time change” it will be still dark when I come back home… -sigh- but it’s been really great!

Yesterday I ran/walked in the morning and then continued to stay a little more active than usual during the day, my total of steps at the end of the day was: 14,321 steps taken, I burned a total of 2,827 calories for the day and ate 1,500 calories so I burned 1,327 more calories than I ate! I also worked out on the rowing machine in three sessions of 10 minutes each for a total of 30 minutes! I’ve been able to reach 20 minutes in a row but not yesterday, I just divided the 30 minutes like that.

It was a good day and I can feel some muscle forming in my arms, which is great! Today’s run wasn’t that good…. I could barely run so we mostly walked, my legs are so sore! I will be resting tomorrow and then for our anniversary, hubby and I will have a “running date” on Sunday… a friend’s daughter will be babysitting for us so we can run for 1 hour and maybe have some coffee at Starbucks afterwards. My friend says we should try and run as much as we can on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and then take it easier on Tuesday/Thursday… sounds like a plan to me! Gotta go now!

The Thin Lady Inside


8 thoughts on “Why nobody told me?

  1. Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner! But I’m glad you’re finding out for yourself just how beautiful mornings can be. 🙂
    It’s definitely important to give your legs a rest between runs. I learned the hard way that they need time to recover so they become stronger.
    I’m excited to hear how your running date goes with your hubby! Hopefully it’ll be the first of many to come!

    • The whole experience helps me throughout the day! the hardest part is just when the alarm goes off… but I don’t even think twice about it, I just jump out of the bed and then the rest comes easier! 🙂 I’ll share pics of our date! 😉

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