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Slept like a rock!

Hello everybody! Well… yesterday was a great day… I walked a total of 13,000 steps (and that’s counting my morning run/walk), I did 20 minutes of rowing and I ate only 1308 calories for the day! So… success! It’s weird… because I felt like “I ate more” but I actually didn’t…ย  I guess I felt this energetic from the run in the morning! Yesterday after my run for some reason I couldn’t get to warm up… I felt so cold the whole day but it was just dumb to run in the cold without appropriate clothes… so, that wasn’t going to happen today! I went to the store, changed my fitbit for one that finally works and got a pair of pants and a long sleeved shirt for running, today I wore leggings under the pants, thicker socks, two shirts and the hooded jacket on top… I was actually a little too warm which was AWESOME! Much better than freezing! They have great deals for Active Wear at Target right now, some good stuff it’s in clearance! So… I took advantage of that!

Then, after my run in the morning (yesterday) I did 20 minutes on my rowing machine! There’s no stopping me! And according to my fitbit I burned a total of 2,434 calories for the day! So I burned 1126 calories more than I ate, which is great! Last night I slept LIKE A ROCK! I haven’t slept like that in a long time!

Hopefully this whole change in my routine and starting the day that way will be the thing that triggers “something” inside of my body and I start to see weight loss! I think this might be exactly what I was needing… but even if I don’t see lower numbers in the scale… this feels GOOD!

Oh wait… I said I’d share a picture of me with my new haircut… I haven’t gotten a good one but here I am, taking a picture by myself… hopefully you can appreciate the haircut LOL!


And here’s a picture of me… on Sunday, doing some line dancing at “Rodeo Day” in church LOL! …


My daughter is the one with blue and white stripes on her dress.

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Slept like a rock!

  1. I always sleep like a rock – much to my hubby’s dismay. I’m pretty sure it’s because I exercise quite often. It wears a person out! ๐Ÿ™‚
    20 minutes on the rowing machine? At once? Look at you go!
    I buy most of my running clothes from Target. Wonder if mine has some clearance items? I may have to go check them out. I’m still trying to decide what to wear for my big run. (One month to go! Yikes!)
    I love that you’re feeling good! Everything you’re doing is right on! The stubborn scale will start to realize it soon!

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