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Yeah! Go! Go! GOOOOO!

So… after my overeating yesterday, I mean… yes I overate but I didn’t go overboard… I mean… I did… But not with “too bad stuff” it was fish and rice and more rice and more rice… (rice is such a struggle for me! LOL!) I had my little moment of “desolation” and feeling totally frustrated… and don’t get me wrong… I am still not very happy about not being able to “cross this bump” that keeps me at 179-182 pounds and I admit feeling lost at times when it comes to weight loss… I was doing so good in the beginning and right now I feel like “I don’t know how to do it” because my body is not responding like I expect it to… but regardless of that I am very optimistic and choosing to see the positive in all this…

Today I got up at 5:10 (I actually woke up since 3:30) and met my friend half-way from her home and my home (so, about 5 minutes away for me) and we ran/walked for 1 hour. We burned about 400 calories and it felt great to start the day that way! It was still dark when we met (5:40 a.m.) and it was cold outside (Texas cold might not seem as cold for people in the North but trust me… it can be “colder” even if the thermometer doesn’t show it!) Here, where I live it’s cold and humid… so even my hubby who was born and raised in Wisconsin, used to temperatures below zero, snow, frost and fleet, he complains that he had never felt so cold regardless of coats, hats and jackets! So this morning it was 42 degrees and I don’t have sweat pants for running (because cold weather doesn’t really last long it seems like a waste to buy those! LOL!) So I was wearing long shorts, a thin shirt and a not very thick jacket on top, I was freezing! I was refusing to come out of my car when my friend parked next to me… I even yelled “go away” and made her laugh! LOL! But it was really good! I am not running like I was before though! It was so hard! So we ran/walked the whole time and then towards the end it was all walk! I was back home a little before 7 and hubby was almost ready to leave for work.  I took a hot bath because I felt like MY SPINE (I am not kidding) was cold! I will have to find something else to wear tomorrow! But I feel full of energy and I look forward to rowing for at least 20 mins. today!

A fellow blogger and someone I see almost like a “mentor” for me, shadowrun, asked me about the things I eat…. maybe there’s something I am “missing in that area” but I don’t know… I think I eat pretty healthy (except for the times when I binge, which thankfully doesn’t happen often), but when I follow the “myfitnesspal” I usually eat less than the carbs for the day based on their recommendations and eat more protein than they suggest (not crazy more though) I eat lean meats, lots and lots of vegetables, there’s always some fruit and good whole grains, legumes, nuts, etc…. I eat avocado as well (in moderation) but I do eat very healthy, I think… and I am always checking sugar contents… if there’s anything I know I can definitely change is my sodium intake… I don’t even know how that is but I am sure is high and that never helps people who are trying to lose weight… but can I really blame it “all” on that? gaining pounds and not being able to lose at all? I mean… I drink lots of water…. at least 10 cups a day… so… I wonder… I KNOW real quickly when I am retaining water, I feel it in my hands and my legs particularly but I haven’t felt like that at all lately… so I am not sure…

Anyway! Today is a great day… now here some pics…


Waiting for my friend, it was so dark!


42 degrees but it felt like it was freezing!


It was great to get to see the sunrise!



The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Yeah! Go! Go! GOOOOO!

  1. Yay! So glad your happiness is back!
    I thought you usually ate balanced meals, but I thought I would ask. Lower than usual carbs is good I think, and higher in protein foods is great for building muscle – which weighs more than fat, but makes you toner. And I know you like veggies and fruits. Your salt intake may be a little high which could cause you to retain water. And I’m glad you’re drinking lots of water, because that helps with water retention. So it seems like your food intake is good.
    I think Dave said it best on your last blog. “In the long run the effort you put into it pays off in more ways than just the number on the scale.” What you are doing is not harmful in any way, and WILL pay off in the future. Give it time. Stay patient. The longer it takes to come off, the easier it’ll be to keep it off.
    And welcome to the morning runs! I love running in the early morning before anyone (including the sun) is up. I have my exercise done for the day, and it sets the stage for a healthy day to come. To me, 40 degree temps are the perfect temps to run in. Of course I have long pants and a few layers of shirts on. 🙂 And don’t feel bad about running and walking intermittently. It’s a good way to keep your metabolism revved. It won’t be long before you can run longer and longer.
    I’ll stop typing now. lol Good to see you haven’t totally given up! 🙂

    • Oh you bet I am not giving up! Trust me… I am in this no matter what! there’s no choice! And I KNOW that! Thank you! Running in the mornings is great! Especially because I am running outside! It helps set a better “tone” for the day… well… you know that! 🙂 And I get to spend time with a friend doing something healthy! Knowing she’ll be there waiting for me is great right now because otherwise I would just stay in bed… that’s the hard part… getting out of my warm bed so early… when I would usually wake up at 8 a.m. but I know I’ll get used to this soon enough!

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