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So much for “still excited”


-sigh again-

Today was “weigh in day” and I weighed 179 lbs… again??? REally? I mean… I did eat that pizza on Saturday… but gain about 3 pounds from last week? it’s just insane! I hate it! I am doing stuff! I am tired of not being able to get out of this thing!

I thought I would handle “the news” well but I ate and ate… today… again… out of spite! And who am I hurting? well… myself… I know it… I don’t plan on staying like this… I am actually going to run tomorrow morning with my friend… but really? REALLY? -sigh- I hate not being able to lose more! It seems impossible…

The Desperate Lady


6 thoughts on “So much for “still excited”

  1. Do you take measurements? I know you probably didn’t gain 3 pounds of muscle, but measurements can sometimes show losses in fat when a scale cannot because of the weight of new muscle.

  2. If you go back and look at how many calories you ate on average each day, you’ll see that you couldn’t have gained fat from that. So your weight is either water weight, muscles or a mix of both.
    I think Jackie’s right. You should start taking measurements as well. Women especially, cannot get caught up in the numbers on the scale. We fluctuate too much.
    It might be a good idea to analyze the foods you’re eating as well. Does your fitbit let you know how many carbs you should take in, and how many grams of fats and protein? And are you making sure you drink lots of water? Those might be some things to consider.
    Hang in there! Don’t give up and certainly don’t punish yourself. You’re worth fighting through this challenge with everything you have.

  3. Weight loss is insane and it doesn’t seem to follow any logical order or path. Sometimes you eat more and lose weight and other times you eat less and gain weight. It is so very strange, and frustrating. In the long run the effort you put into it pays off in more ways than just the number on the scale. You can do it! You have success already … hang in there even in the hard times and you’ll be more than happy in the long run. 🙂

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