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Changing nightly treat

Hi everybody! Well… I enjoyed my 90 calorie Fiber One Brownies for quite a bit, if you’ve been reading this journal for a while you know that I would have one of those brownies every night, just to have something sweet and chocolatey to look forward to during the day and also to not feel deprived as hubby has this “tradition” of having coffee and dessert at night… well.. I did enjoy my brownies, nothing close to the real deal though, but it was a very good help even to carry in my purse when going to some “get together” where I knew there would be food and desserts I would just get my brownie out and not feel “left out” … Well… I got tired of the brownies… so I was looking for other options and I came across the Nonni’s Biscotti Decadence (Chocolate of course) and I bought an 8 count box…

I am so happy I did, it was definitely a good switch, each individually wrapped biscotti has 100 calories (My limit for my nightly treat is 100 calories), it is really good! at least I loved it! of course it’s not for anybody who is not only counting calories but in some Atkins Diet… because it’s not a great source of protein (only 2 grams) and it does have quite a big amount of sugar (9 grams) and a total of 16g of Carbs. I am still looking for “the perfect treat” … not because of flavor but because I am looking for more protein and less sugar/carbs for the night… even yogurts, ice creams and stuff that are “light” or packed with protein I’ve found them to have quite a big amount of sugars or their serving size is just “too small” for the amount of calories… sp for now… this delicious biscotti for only 100 calories is pretty good!

Now to my numbers, I must admit I’ve been on the higher side of my recommended calorie intake for the day… so yesterday I decided to re-visit the “lower numbers” because it seems that’s the place where my body does lose weight … so yesterday I ate a total of 1280 calories and exercised for 20 minutes (10 mins. in the morning, 10 mins. in the afternoon) on my rower… I am pretty sore but it feels great, a friend and I will start running early (too early) in the mornings, so, we’ll see how that goes! That’s it for now… Happy weekend everyone!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Changing nightly treat

  1. I like the almond dark chocolate biscottis! Same brand. I was buying those small boxes but then saw a huge box at Costco, so I got it. Only to discover they were bigger, so double the calories! Boo! lol!! That’s a long time on the rower! Way to go!

  2. I thought you were gonna tell me you had switched to ice cream! 🙂 But the biscottis look delicious! Especially if you’re eating them with coffee.
    Great job on the rower! And early morning running? Woohoo! That’s my favorite time to run! What’s the weather been like for you guys? Better than 20 degrees? :/

  3. I snack on Love Crunch chocolate granola instead of Hershey’s at night. You can get it at Costco. Much better for you. Good luck!

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