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Ice Cream for Dinner

Hello everybody! Just want to give a quick recommendation…

HEB Creamy Creations Light Ice Cream Churn Style (I actually didn’t know it was light when I bought it for the girls or even when I tasted it)Β  I got the chocolate milk flavor and oh my goodness! It is YUMMY! only 110 calories per 1/2 cup… I had like 1 and a half cups last night for dinner! YUM! for some reason I was craving ice cream… so talk about indulging AND staying within my calorie range! YUMMY!

Rowing is getting a bit easier… I still do 10 mins. but I don’t take as many breaks in between and I do more reps… like yesterday I did 204 reps in the 10 mins. it feels good!Β Today I’ve already done 10 mins. I am planning on doing 10 more minutes later! It is a great exercise because it is both cardio and strength training. I am planning on resting the weekends and only doing cardio those days! πŸ™‚

So… good report….

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “Ice Cream for Dinner

  1. Ooooh! Another ice cream lover! πŸ™‚ SEE? See why I like it so much! I don’t know your brand, but I LOVE the brand I usually get.
    Glad to see the rowing’s getting easier already! That’s terrific! It won’t be long before you can last a whole TV show!

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