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The Boom and The Cross!

Hello everybody! So… after my initial disappointment and realization that I will not be able to be hours on the rowing machine, at least not right away, I got over it, thanks to all the encouragement and wise words of my fellow blogging friends Shadowrun, Towards Healthy Life, Dave and Jackie. So I actually got back to being excited about building muscle and getting stronger.

Then… last night I was watching the movie: “Here Comes The Boom” with my loved Kevin James… and I loved, loved, loved the movie, I am not sure if it’s because I love Kevin James or if the movie is that good, all I know is that what had me almost in tears was just looking at him and seeing how great and strong he looked! Well… Kevin James has always been strong and amazingly limber for his weight and shape, but this time he looked just amazing, toned, defined and strong! Well… It turns out that he trained for 14 months for the movie and lost 80 pounds! Well… you can definitely tell! I was just inspired to see how a guy in his late 40’s (he was 47 I think when he did this) could transform his body like that through hard training and exercise! Well, I guess I do see that often on “The Biggest Loser” but still, it was pretty amazing and I was actually sooo happy for him!

Well, searching about it on the Web I found out that shortly after the film was done, Kevin James was back to his pre-training weight and it was also a scary thing to see… He looks like he was never that fit! Wow! This for sure is an on-going fight, something you have to determine yourself to do for life! Our “ideal weight” is a goal but the fight doesn’t end there…. Now the new focus must be in maintaining the weight off and continuing to get stronger!

Well, anyway! Enough of “the Boom”… So…It turns out that my 2yr. old is having a reaction to the MMR Vaccine, the doctor warned me she would probably show some side effects 7-12 days after the shot and she sure did, she had high-fever (she still has a little bit of high temperature but not as bad), she threw up and has been just really fussy and cranky… When she sleeps she looks like her heart is in a really hard race, it almost looks like it’s going to come out of her neck… how scary, so again, I’ve had to be taking care of her, thankfully her temperature right now is 101 so not as bad as it was yesterday, I may get a good night of sleep tonight! I just haven’t had the energy required to sit at my rower but I will do it today!

… Oh! wait! The title of this post also mentions “The Cross” well… It turns out that I crossed another goal I had set for myself… I weighed myself today because tomorrow I might not have time to get on the Wii Balance Board in the morning, I have LBS early and I am running so much around that I can’t stop to start the Wii just to check my weight… so… I weigh 176.1 pounds, 1.1 pounds less than last week, It turns out that last week I was at 176.6 right after I spent a day throwing up because of whatever stomach bug I got but then gained +.7 pounds back after a normal day of eating, well… I’ve been feeling like I’ve continued to lose, I’ve been counting my calories and staying at good numbers, today I stepped on the scale and I was at 176.1 which makes me so happy! It’s the lowest I’ve been since I started, I could tell I’ve been losing because my engagement/wedding rings are almost so lose I might need to get them adjusted pretty soon… 176.1 lbs. doesn’t sound like any goal right? But how about in kilograms? I am now 79.8 kilos! and that’s awesome! I finally left the 80’s behind! I’ve felt so great that I even got a haircut on Saturday! It’s way shorter than my “usual” and I am “rockin’ it” everybody made comments about it… “you look really cute” and “you look younger” were the ones that I heard the most… YEAH! I know I wouldn’t be able to “pull this off” If I was as heavy as I used to!

So… there you go! Excited about a new week, Thrilled about getting stronger and working new muscles with my rower… just optimistic about it all!Β  Hopefully my 2yr. old will be ok today and it will all be perfect!

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “The Boom and The Cross!

  1. I’m so proud of you for remembering to get excited about things like being out of the 80s. I think remembering to appreciate each achievement, no matter how arbitrary it may be seem, is what keeps us going toward our long term goal. Your poor baby! I hate when they’re sick. They’re so helpless and pitiful, I wish I could take it away and be sick for them. Good luck with the rowing machine today!

  2. Well, you DO have to continue to work at staying fit after you’ve lost the weight, but it’s SO much easier! And if you’re like me, there’s NO WAY you’ll want to go back and have to lose weight all over again. That’s been a ton of motivation for me! πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on being at your lowest weight! I am incredibly happy for you! And please post a picture of your new haircut! I’d love to see it!

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