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Man! That’s way harder than I thought

So… my rowing machine is up and running… well… ehem… not as much as I originally planned… Here I thought that I would be on it whenever I am watching TV and THAT THING IS HARD! My arms are killing me! I only managed to row for 10 minutes -in the easiest setting- (and not all at once, but taking like a minute or two to rest every 2 or 3 minutes!) and I am not out of breath or tired but my arms are just in pain! the machine says I burned 25 calories! What? Really? So… I went to a site that does the calculation per activity considering YOUR WEIGHT (which my machine is not considering) and it says that moderate rowing for 10 minutes  for someone my weight equals 93 calories burned… well… I’d rather believe that! I am trying to focus on the side of “it will make you stronger” rather than “you’ll burn calories like crazy” (which of course it would’ve been nice too)

Here’s hubby putting it together last night:IMG_5013[1]
Here is the rowing machine:

Sigh! I hope as I get stronger I’ll be able to increase time and repetitions, I did 176 repetitions in 10 minutes, so you can tell I wasn’t going fast! I must say I am a little bit disappointed… I wanted something that would make me be exercising MORE, way more… oh well!

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4 thoughts on “Man! That’s way harder than I thought

  1. Keep in mind that you are working new muscles. You are continuing to burn calories even after you stop, because those muscles are trying to recover. If you can only do 10 minutes at a time, then hop on it a few times a day. You don’t have to do it all at once to be effective!
    And won’t you feel proud when you can do it for a whole TV show! 🙂

  2. You will get musles! Does it involve the legs at all? I have never tried a rowing machine(first time I see one too). It doesn’t look so big which is good I guess. Be patient with yourself and only do what you can everyday then soon you will realise that you can do it for way longuer 🙂

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