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A romantic run!

Hello everybody! Well… I am very excited to announce that hubby proposed we go on a “running date” once a month! We never go out on dates, I don’t have family in the city and we just can’t really afford going out on dates… but we don’t really miss it because hubby and I make sure we have our time together every night… we send the girls to bed at 8 p.m. and then we enjoy our cup of coffee/hot cocoa and a treat and just talk, watch some tv, etc… I am blessed with a husband who loves talking! We can spend hours and hours just yappin’ LOL! So I always feel very close to him πŸ™‚ … In the middle of a conversation the other day he even said: “I am the most attracted to you when we talk” (SNORT) Maybe might take that like an offense… for me it’s a huge compliment and a blessing… I love talking too! Sometimes we have really deep conversations…Β  πŸ™‚ And to know that my husband finds that sexy and attractive well… it’s pretty cool! πŸ™‚

Anyway… so… my husband surprised me on Sunday saying: “I want us to go running once a month together, we can tell your friend’s daughter to babysit for us” …. It’s such a neat thing! I loved the idea! Hubby’s always been an adventurous guy, one who loves camping, hiking, etc… and who pretty much gave all that up for marrying someone… like me! LOL! I never did any of those things, I never ran before at all… and I always felt bad for not being able to do those things with him! Well… we’ll start running once a month together (besides whatever exercise I do regularly) and I am very excited, I am sure this is going to connect us in some other level! We’re very well connected intellectually, it’s going to be great to enjoy physical stuff, fun stuff, together as well! I already talked to my friend’s daughter and she’ll only charge us $5.00 USD an hour, so our date will be about 10.00 USD a month! Way cheaper (and healthier) than going out to the movies or for dinner.

So… yesterday… I did great, I felt much better after the violent stomach bug I caught… I even wonder if it was a stomach bug or just stress…. the body can have weird reactions to stress and after the scare with my daughter at church, the vaccine decision with my littlest one and her not feeling well afterwards, all the Valentine baking I did and running against the clock for that one, then auditioning for a solo at church and maybe the last straw on Sunday was that I thought I saw my ex-husband walk into church… I felt my stomach literally sink inside of me… I know it’s not likely to see him walk into my church… he lives in Mexico, I am in the USA and there are so many churches here that it would be really a huge coincidence if he ever walked in there… but I saw a guy walk into church that looked just like him… and for some reason it took me to a scary place for a second… I don’t know why… I don’t even feel I am afraid of him… I actually have to admit I mostly remember the good moments of our friendship and my brain, thankfully, has blocked all the time of our marriage, the memories of our marriage are actually more like a “movie I watched” I don’t even feel like that was “me” living all that… but who knows… I just had this reaction when I thought I saw him… So… yesterday… I felt much better but still decided to play it safe and didn’t go to Bible Study in the morning (to avoid being in a hurry) and then just took it easy the rest of the day… then in the afternoon I called a friend and asked her if she’d like to go for a walk that night… she said yes… and we took a nice 1 hour walk in a park with two beautiful ponds! It was exactly what I was needing! The night was chilly, the breeze was cool and we were just talking about moms stuff, family, etc… it was sooo nice! And I burned about 270 calories! My total calorie intake for the day was 1250 calories.. so I am very happy and definitely back on track!

Right now I have to go… there’s a busy day ahead of me.

The Thin Lady Inside.



6 thoughts on “A romantic run!

  1. How nice! A running date! My hubby and I have talked about gym dates, or racquetball dates, etc., but we have never followed through. We walk together during the summer months, but during the winter, we tend to let time pass us by without really spending any time together. I’m so happy you make time to spend with your hubby – and that HE loves it too!
    You’ve definitely been under a lot of stress lately, but it seems like things are getting better! I can sense that you’re a little happier now! πŸ™‚

  2. You have such a great relationship! Maybe when you though you saw your ex you probably got scared in some way to be back in those days and not having what you have( your family) anymore…
    Running date sounds fantastic, no chance to blow the calore budget with a date like that πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Maybe you’re right… Sometimes I have weird dreams where I see myself living a normal life married to my ex and all of a sudden in my dreams I start to wonder why I am there! And I have “this feeling” that I should be with someone else but I feel trapped! I wake up all anxious when that happens and just thankful to see my husband peacefully sleeping next to me! πŸ™‚

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