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Something good out of the bad…

Hello everybody! I am feeling much better today! Thankfully whatever it is that I had didn’t last long, it sure was violent though! My goodness, the night before last night was pretty rough, and yesterday thankfully I only threw up twice… (TMI?) anyway… I wasn’t hungry for most of the day and I was actually scared of eating, so I had some saltines and apple juice, plus tons of water, in the night I got hungry though and hubby made the very Mexican remedy to all our ailments, “Caldo de Pollo”, which is a delicious chicken soup with tons of vegetables, I gave him all the instructions on how to make it and it really turned out good, so my calories for yesterday were 786, wow! I was shocked when I saw that I ate 786 calories even when I barely ate, calories can sure pile up! I am glad I am much better today! just feeling tired.

So… I hope something good comes out of this and I can actually “break my 178 barrier for good” as you know, if you’ve been reading this journal for a while, I’ve been stuck in 178-180 for a long time, it seems I just can’t pass that number, well today I was 176.6 and even when I know it might not be a very realistic number because I was sick I am going to take it! My next goal is to be 172.6 in a month! so I need to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks, seems pretty doable, especially if I did indeed break my barrier (crossed fingers).


And now my Biggest Loser recap… if you’re not into it… you can skip this part…

So… I watched the Biggest Loser yesterday… WOW! What an encouragement those people are, although I must say that even when I’ve liked Jillian in past seasons this time it’s way over the top, she is just annoying! always going into this weird mental games and trying to get the contestants to spit out some weird/psychological reason why they can’t work out with her… well… Jill… you’re annoying! I like it when she shows she cares, but this is beyond caring, it’s just too much! So.. let’s leave Jill alone and focus on the contestants, the challenges were great, the kids did great, they sure are showing some improvement in the way they think in regards to food and physical activity, this time the whole members of the BL had the opportunity to reach immunity if they lost 70 pounds combined, they played some of the challenges to reduce that number and they got it down to 51 pounds, so in the end they had to lose 51 pounds together and hopefully win immunity for the whole group, that was not the case, they fell way too short from the goal, nobody had a great number (except for Danni, that girl rocks!) and one member had to be eliminated… that member was

******SPOILER ALERT******

Franceline … she’s such a pretty girl… and now she’s lost a total of 70 pounds, they showed her in her house enjoying life and finally pursuing her dream of becoming an MD, she is also officially dating Jeff (another Biggest Loser member of the house) and they sure look like they care for each other, the way he speaks about her is really sweet. AAWW!!! He’s still in the house and she is looking forward to seeing him at the end and celebrating their weight loss together!

Well, that’s it for now… it’s time to do some blog hopping!

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Something good out of the bad…

  1. Having watched all the past episodes and also being a big fan of Jill and Bob, I really think the producers have a lot more to do with how annoying she is than anything else. Also I’ve been listening to her podcast and she talks about things that get cut and stuff like that, so I assume she is not as bad as she is portrayed on the show.

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    • That’s exactly what my sister and I were just saying today, it seems to be very much “for the show” … I think they can “tone it down” a little bit though or they’re going to get people tired of her… I think it’s a little too much 🙂

  2. Being sick does have SOME advantages! 😉 Could be just what you needed to break your 178 barrier! I have my fingers crossed for you that you reach your 172 goal, and thanks for the Biggest Loser update. I enjoy the show, but rarely get to watch it.

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