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I’m back

Ok… I am shaking off the rut the feeling of weakness and tiredness, I’ve finally gotten good hours of sleep and I am more rested…. I have had binging episodes all these days, I’ve felt in such a rut… but that’s it… Today is the day! No waiting ’till Monday … Today is the day for sure! My pants again are getting tighter, I immediately start seeing it on my face…. and I can’t allow all my efforts to be thrown away! So here I am … determined to continue my fight… My goal for this month is to lose at least 5 pounds… let’s make clear goals and achieve them… so by my birthday March 15th I should be at 176 pounds… Let’s work towards it!!!!

Yesterday was going to be my “day off” from baking… after all the baking I did to sell cookies… but then I realized “it’s Valentine’s Day” so it wouldn’t be fair to have baked for everyone else but hubby… right? so I baked 24 red velvet cupcakes with mascarpone cream cheese frosting…. I baked enough for him to enjoy and for him to share at his work… I am sure everyone will like them 🙂


You can only see 22 here because I let my girls have 1 each (without the frosting) … hubby loved them! I tasted some of the un-frosted cupcake but didn’t have any of the frosted ones… I ate a lot yesterday though… it was supposed to be a “good day” because I was making the right choices but then I turned it all around by eating lots of rice, chicken strips and meatloaf… -sigh- I felt horrible… just heavy and bloated…. Good reminder of why I don’t want to do that anymore! the “thrill” you get from binging (which last too short until guilt kicks in) doesn’t compare to the wonderful (and more permanent) feeling of being stronger, in control and healthy! So I am definitely back at it all! Blogging sure has become and indispensable tool in my journey!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. I have so many red velvet cupcakes pinned to my boards. I may make those next. I have never made mascarpone frosting, but I see it all the time. What kind of container does mascarpone come in? I can never find it.
    Yep. Eating lots of food is fun! – until you’re done eating and filled with regret. I remember the feeling. Congrats on not waiting til Monday! Awesome discipline!
    Happy to hear you’re rested and on your way back to normal!

    • Yes, I’ve restarted! Also I have a great friend on myfitnesspal too and we’re holding each other accountable, texting and encouraging in general! It’s nice to have someone also IRL … mascarpone cheese comes in a container kind of like ricotta but a little “thinner” … more like those “spreadable cheese” ones 😀

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