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It’s been Nightmarish!

Oh my goodness! What a horrible few days (and nights) I’ve had… Let me start by telling you where “everything started”

It turns out that in church, they have a great bunch of people for childcare and activities for children, lots of learning and fun… But of course I am a fearful mom with my oldest dd who is pretty sensitive as well… Anyway… last Wednesday I had my choir rehearsal, hubby had ESL (he is a teacher in church and he teaches English as Second Language for free to the Hispanic Community in the area), everything happens inside our church. Our girls were in their classes, well, hubby usually picks the girls up in their rooms because I leave choir rehearsal later than he finishes his class, but for some reason (I say God) we ended our rehearsal earlier than usual (way earlier, which had never happened) and I left and as I was heading towards an area of our huge building (you can easily get lost there, it’s a huge church) because I honestly didn’t even know which room our daughters were at (because it’s always hubby dropping them and picking them up there) I was at one of the exit doors waiting to see hubby when he finished his class and then I’d join him to pick up the girls… and I talked to people, said hi to some, etc… and then all of a sudden, my oldest daughter (4 years old) comes crying by me just so relieved to have found me (she was approaching the exit door) she was looking for help because her teachers sent her on her own to a common area where there’s a bathroom (a teacher should always accompany the kids to the bathroom, make sure there’s nobody inside and stay outside waiting for the kid, just because it’s safer but also because we have SO MANY PEOPLE coming in for the different things that go on in church that are not even necessarily for our church people) so.. my girl, tells me the teachers sent her on her own and then when she went back to her classroom, they were ALREADY GONE, the teachers I guess just left to the playground and forgot about her, so since she didn’t see anybody she started trying to find someone who could help her, thankfully mom was there, at one of the EXIT doors and she found me! I was sooo… ugh… I can’t even describe it, I was worried, angry, everything, my girl was crying and I already talked to the Director of the Children’s Services (who is great and everything is fine now and steps will be taken so this never happens again, and I am taking care of things myself so my daughter knows what to do, where to go and even remind the teacher that she is not supposed to go anywhere on her own!!) but the problem is that… since my girl is so sensitive, she’s been having issues sleeping, she even had breakouts of hives and has been having stomach aches and even throwing up at night from being nervous, always asking me if “I am there” etc… she is much better now but I am exhausted!  I haven’t had a good night of sleep, I have been having to bake all my cookies (finally I am doooooneee!!) and my back is killing me! just killing me! I feel like I am sleep-walking through the day… I am just happy to know she’s not actually sick, but I wish she had never gone through that because she got really scared! -sigh- (me too!) Hubby has been under the weather too, so I haven’t had much help either and I sometimes sleep a little bit on my bed, then a little bit on the couch and then sometimes just get to talk with my daughter at 2 in the morning while giving her a bath to calm down the hives! -sigh again- I feel I’ve even gained weight, I feel blah! I hadn’t had a chance to even blog or register my calories, I haven’t even been cooking normal so I’ve been eating some of the cookies even for breakfast, I gained exactly the 1.3 pounds that I lost last week (I did my weigh in yesterday) but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, my girls seem peaceful now, I hope tonight WILL BE THE NIGHT when I get to sleep and tomorrow I’ll just take it easy since I finally finished all my baking! I look forward to going back to my routine and calorie counting! I look forward to normalcy!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “It’s been Nightmarish!

  1. Oh, how scary! No wonder you haven’t been up to blogging and logging…
    You’re doing the right thing by teaching your daughter what to do in these situations – although at 4 years old, she should have had adult supervision. It may also help to keep reminding her that she ended up safe, so as scary as it was, she was able to find you. And you can literally thank God that your choir rehearsal finished early. I’m sure it will be difficult next week to leave her, but it’ll be good for all of you to get right back into routine. Especially now that you’ve spoken with the director.
    Sure hope you had a good night’s sleep and are able to enjoy your no-bake day. Whew. You deserve a break!

    • Thank you shadow… I think we’re finally coming out of it… The night before last night was the night when I got to deeply sleep for the whole night! It was wonderful! I was actually worried when I woke up at 8:15 a.m. and there was no noise in the house, there was no sign of life LOL! I sure needed that… My girl doesn’t necessarily relate her fear issues to what happened that Wednesday… I guess it just made her feel “insecure” in general… she’s been staying fine at church… (I assure her everything will be fine every time but she really doesn’t fuzz about it) it’s at night when I guess she might be having nightmares or something… but she’s finally ok… Thank you so much!

  2. This is so wrong! What if she would have gotten outside of the building! This is exactly why I started my own daycare so I would not have to trust anyone that I don’t really know. I cannot believe they sent her on her own when they don’t even know who is passing by, and forgetting her! Why is something always have to happen before people act properly!

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