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I couldn’t help it!

Good morning everybody! It’s a good day today! I am excited because tonight is our Valentine’s Banquet in church… although a little nervous too because they always have food that’s very fattening! They usually order from Italiano’s and it’s all pasta and stuff in creamy sauces, not that is bad but of course it isn’t good either! Their garlic bread is famous for being delicious although I don’t think I would be too thrilled about it either even if I wasn’t trying to lose weight because it’s soaking in butter! So much that it leaves a puddle on the plate! so I know I will definitely stay away from that (if they do order from Italiano’s!)

In the past couple days I’ve been doing really good, I took time to think and just try to “calm myself down” this is not a race and I don’t have to hurry things, I can take my time as long as it’s consistent! I decided to not be so afraid of eating (that fear comes and goes but I realize it’s here when I start eating too little and get obsessed with the scale) I guess the stress doesn’t help me lose weight either, it’s been a little rough with my girls though, for some reason they’ve been acting crazy! LOL… they keep making messes, whinnying about everything, crying for nothing! ugh… so that does take my stress levels to the roof! The other day I literally thought about stepping out of the house and taking a break, of course I can’t leave them on their own… but I sooo need some time on my own! Tonight’s Banquet will be helpful I think, having a time with just grown ups and getting dressed up will be nice…

Anyway… so I’ve been eating a little more 1400-1500 calories and I’ve been trying to exercise a little more intensely… I was so discouraged I was only exercising a little bit and burning around 200-300, yesterday I did both cardiovascular and strength training (on the Wii Balance Board) and I burned a total of 474 calories, which isn’t that much but it’s better… and I can’t wait to finally save enough to get my rowing machine… btw… here’s a picture of some of the cookies I’ve sold:


So, I’ve been doing good I think with my consistency and eating…. So this morning I just couldn’t help myself and stepped on the scale (it’s not weigh-in day yet) and I lost 1.3 pounds… (if you remember I had gained 1.8) so… great! I hope I’ll continue like this! I am hating getting stuck once every time I am at 178 pounds!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “I couldn’t help it!

  1. Well, it’s about time the scale was nice to you. 🙂 And I’m so happy you’re remaining positive. It really is a lifestyle change, not a quick diet.
    As far as your girls… hang in there. It gets easier. You’ve been busier and they’re feeling some of that too. It’ll be good for all of you, if you get out of the house for a while. So, have fun tonight!
    Your cookies look awesome! No wonder it took so much of your time. You’re one step closer to your rower. 🙂

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