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One day at a time…

Hello everybody! I am back… Taking things one day at a time, forgetting even for a bit about my long term goals, how much more weight I have to lose and focusing just on making the good choices here and now… Not stressing so much about “rushing things” but just trying to remember, every minute, that I am choosing right just because it’s right for me… because it makes me feel better NOW, I tend to forget that my “reward” doesn’t come only when I see the numbers on the scale go down, many times I feel like the “prize” is waiting for me when I reach my big goal… and it’s not true… yes, it will be great to reach that point, but here and now I am already experiencing great fruits from what I am doing, I feel more active, lighter, more confident,  younger, stronger (in and out), prettier, happier! and those are all awesome rewards that I can already enjoy and many times I don’t for being so focused on “how far I still am from my goal”….

So… if anybody else is feeling like that too… sometimes.. like they will only be able to celebrate when they lose x amount of pounds… and they have been forgetting about all the wonderful benefits and “gains” from just simply living a healthier lifestyle… then let me help you as I realize it myself… There are great things to enjoy now! This journey is not easy, it’s true but sometimes we focus on the difficulties too much and not on all those things we’re already earning and learning through it all… It’s a very rewarding journey too!

Now some numbers:

Yesterday I ate 1495 calories

I exercised for 1 hr. and 11 minutes and burned 372 calories there.

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “One day at a time…

  1. So true. When your focus is on how far you have to go, you begin thinking you’re never going to get there. So if you set your sights closer, and set a goal each day to exercise and eat right, then you only have to wait for the end of the day to know you’ve met your goal! All those little goals will get you to your big goal in the end. Great attitude to have!

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