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Hello everybody! today was my weigh-in day! I knew it wouldn’t be a good number, after such rough week like I had last week I was prepared to be strong whatever the number would be…. So… I got on the scale and it’s 180.1 so I gained 1.8 pounds… -sigh- I was even thinking about not weighing in today… but it’s my weigh in day and I have to face the consequences of my acts… so … there you go… 1.8 pounds that will burn away as I remain strong and fighting!

Now… my numbers for yesterday:

I ate 1541 calories and exercised for 1 hour and 15 minutes burning (only) 315 calories… but I did both strength and cardiovascular training 🙂

I think today will be a good day, I had Bible Study this morning and again I woke up early enough to have breakfast at home and not have to struggle there … I only had coffee with everyone else… Then took the girls to chick-fil-a for lunch and went a little higher on the calories there… I made great choices (it’s actually easy at chick-fil-a) and had my chargrilled chicken sandwich, side salad with fat free honey mustard dressing and a big cup of water, all that combined is only 360 calories, but of course the waffle fries my two year old didn’t eat were talking dirty to me (SNORT! I don’t even know how I ended up writing that! LOL! But I guess it’s the best way to describe it!) and I fell into temptation and ate almost half of those small fries (which is only like 3 fries when you think about it) but those 1/2 small fries added 150 extra calories (holy cow!)

Anyway… something I’ve been doing is registering everything I’m GOING TO eat ahead of time on myfitnesspal and it’s really helping me, because that way I KNOW ahead of time what I can eat and that I have to only eat that if I want to remain in my calorie count… it might sound to restrictive but it’s actually “freeing” as I don’t have to figure out if I can or not eat something and then later have the bad surprise that it was more calories than I intended to eat… like with those small fries! LOL!

Ok… that’s it for now… the dishes are not going to wash by themselves and I have to take advantage that my 2 yr. old is taking a nap to kind of clean my house!

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “+1.8

  1. Wait. You’re cleaning house? You’re making me look bad! 😉
    Ok, you’ve started a new week. You’ve made a plan to help you stay on track. You’ve done cardio and muscle toning exercises. I’d say you started the week on a very good foot! Don’t give up!! I had set backs too, and still met my goal. You will too!

  2. i do the same thing… I plan my entire day on Myfitnesspal and that way I know exactly what I am going to be eating and there are no surprises. i had lost over 30lbs on myfitnesspal but then stopped jotting down what i was eating and after a year went by I had gained it all back. Now I am on it again and am on a roll… Keep up the good work!

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