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In a funk?

I just ate two big slices of pizza, cheetos, chocolate, pasta AND nachos with cheese… and drank coke! … -sigh-

Tomorrow I’ll get back on track… seriously! This can’t continue… I am hoping this “misstep” will hopefully at least make my body to NEED to burn more and it somehow shakes things up…

The Overeater!


8 thoughts on “In a funk?

  1. It took some guts for you to post that, I’m sure. I’m proud of you for being accountable!
    These kinds of things happened to me too. I especially remember the whole box of Oreos I ate one night, thinking “this is just too hard.” But I wrote it down (remember, no FitBit at that time) and got right back to it the next day. There were plenty of other instances as well. So it just goes to show you that you can still reach your goal, even after a slight setback. Don’t let this send you spiraling downhill. Remember how good you felt when you were doing so well?
    You got this!

    • It’s interesting this happened Dave! I had just read about your “pizza weakness” and I was wondering if “pizza was a weakness for me”? I guess I had never stopped to think about it… well the answer came… yes… a weakness indeed!

  2. Hmmmm. Missing workouts and overeating in the same week? While on the surface it might seem to you as if you are lacking resolve, I think these are more likely indications that you may just need a well-deserved break! I suggest you pause and reflect on your specific goals, and the reasons why achieving them is important to you in the first place. People often get caught up in the cycle of feeling as if they have to maintain perfect discipline at all times, however this is simply not the case. Keep your deadline in mind as you recognize that you have all the time you need to accomplish what is really important. The positive steps you take as a result of this will enable you to continue making progress. http://www.envisionhealthcoaching.org

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