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Guess what?

Well…. that’s what I am telling my body! GUESS WHAT? LOL! If it’s about keeping my body guessing I am sure I shocked it yesterday!

Yesterday I just ate and ate… nothing horrible… all good healthy stuff… I did count calories but not with the purpose of staying within goal… just with the purpose of making sure I remembered I was doing this “intentionally” and avoid “losing control” … so… I ate 1725 calories and didn’t exercise at all… not at all… today I am planning on keeping my calorie intake at 1300 and even when I didn’t exercise I am just tired! Did grocery shopping and then took the girls to a “photo session” a friend of mine is doing some pics for us… my 2 yr. old didn’t sleep well last night (she had a little fever) and I watched her the whole night… she woke up many times crying so let me say I was way more active today than I thought I would be able to! I plan on getting a good workout tomorrow…

The Thin Lady Inside


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