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Why am I so stuck here??????

Agh! I can’t help but be frustrated… last year in May I reached the weight where I am at right now… I lost weight fine the first five months and then when I reached 178 I couldn’t move from there, at least not to lose weight!!! it made me lose some of the excitement I had in the beginning… This time… I thought it would be different… but I am at 178 pounds and I can’t move… last week the scale didn’t move at all… this week it didn’t move either! I am so frustrated, I can’t help it! Why didn’t I lose an ounce? there’s still so much extra weight!!! Why won’t I lose? I am not quitting! Obviously! That’s not a choice… but I wish I’d lose more!

Now… my numbers for yesterday:

Calorie intake: 1438 calories

I stayed active all day long, I scrubbed bath tub, cleaned bathrooms, etc… plus I exercised for almost 1 hr. 45 mins. on the Wii Balance Board and burned 568 calories there.

Ok… gotta go now… 😦

The Thin Lady Inside


15 thoughts on “Why am I so stuck here??????

  1. I bike as my main transportation. You might consider this several times a wk. with your children, if needed.

    Just find a sport that you love.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the plateau. Don’t be discouraged! You are living a very healthy lifestyle. Could you try a new/different type of exercise? Once our bodies get used to an exercise routine, they expend less energy doing them. I’ve always had success with interval training. Everyone’s different though. Another great way to lose weight is build muscle. Not only do you continue burning calories for hours after your workout, muscles use up more energy than the same weight of fat just to maintain themselves. They also can help shape your body and ensure you’re losing fat and not lean muscle mass. My only other idea is to learn as much as you can about weight plateaus from reputable sources like Mayo Clinic and the like. It’ll help you know you’re not doing anything wrong, you just need to change it up a bit. 😊

  3. It’s really frustrating to meet with this kind of resistance. Sometimes it can feel like taking a chisel to stone. But, you will break through it! And when you do, this little plateau won’t seem like it was anything at all. Stay with your plan, maybe mix up some things and this plateau will fade away into memory. Remember … you are the Thin Lady Inside! Stay strong …. you can do it!!!

  4. I agree with all of the above. One thing I might add is that maybe you’re burning so many calories that your body is worried it’s not getting enough energy. So it holds on to the weight. That’s what I like about your fit bit. If you burn a ton of calories, it wants you to eat a little more. I don’t know if that’s what is happening, but something worth looking into.
    Have you been measuring yourself? That’s another indication that you are actually making a change in the right direction. The scale isn’t everything! And remember, if you’re building muscle, it’ll help you in the long run, but at first you may notice a gain or plateau because muscle weighs more than fat.
    What’s important to remember is that you have improved your lifestyle tremendously. You eat right. You exercise. You’re setting a great example for your girls. I’m just as sad as you that the scale wasn’t nice this morning, but you have every reason to be proud of what you are accomplishing.

    • So while I was exercising, I was thinking of you 🙂 and another thought occurred to me. I wonder if you substitute a day or two of your cardio workouts with a weight or toning workout. You won’t feel like you’re burning calories, but you WILL be, especially once you start building muscle. When I quit running every day like I used to do, I actually LOST weight (without wanting to), but I think it’s because my muscles used my down time to recover. (And they became stronger.) So maybe 3-4 days a week of cardio, and 2-3 days of weights and toning. Like Jackie said, it switches things up and keeps your body guessing. It likes that! Let me know what you think!

      • Shadow! Thank you for your kind words! I know I am doing the right thing, setting a good example, etc… Nobody said this would be all easy and smooth! 🙂 There are bumps on the road that will actually make me stronger as I overcome them! I will try to change things up…. I don’t have weights and it’s impossible for me to exercise anywhere else because of hubby’s work schedule, so I am stuck in the house, I better get that rowing machine quickly because the Wii Fit doesn’t seem to be “doing it” anymore… I do strength training but I have never tried not doing cardio workouts (like you mentioned, they burn lots of calories) so I guess it’ll be worth a try! 😉 … I’ll focus on the Wii strength training some days! 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement and advice!

  5. Ohhh… so it’s cardio you’re lacking. For some reason I thought you were doing all cardio and no strength training, but it’s the opposite….
    okay, so Yes, add some cardio in there. I know you have to workout at home. But there are cardio activities you can do in your house. The rowing machine will be awesome, but until then you can run up and down stairs, do jumping jacks, jump rope, zumba, dance, etc. Then if you get a chance to go outside, walk and run intermittently to get your heart rate up.
    You don’t need weights, either, to build muscle. I LOVE planks. They use your own body weight, and work muscles deep down in your core. Plus they work your arms. Lunges are great too, if your knees can handle it. :/ (Mine don’t always do well) Push-ups against the wall or on the floor are great.
    Anyway… enough rambling from me. You get the idea. 🙂 Switch it up, and your body will work harder because it’s not sure what you’re going to do next.
    You got this!

      • ohh.. your right. I re-read it too. 🙂 This conversation has been a workout in itself. lol
        So yeah – skip your cardio every once in a while and do the strength training for a half hour or so instead – working arms, abs, legs, butt (my favorite!) Lots of ideas on the internet for what you can do at home.

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